“I was wearing the bangs”: Csaba Dalla Zorza shows a shot of her 25 years

Csaba Dalla Zorza shows on social networks a shot of the past when she was 25 years old: “I was wearing the bangs”.

Csaba dalla Zorza with Luca Calvani and Roberto Valbuzzi is back on television with the new edition of Cortesie per gli stelle. The format airs on Real Time and has been very popular since its debut. The host gives an opinion on how to set the table. Until the previous edition there was Diego Thomas but he decided to say goodbye to the program to devote himself to new projects.

Csaba dalla zorza, snapshot (credits: instagram)

In its place came the actor. Csaba in addition to being a presenter is also a writer, in recent years she has published several works related to her passion for cooking. A few months ago, talking to her followers who follow her on her social networks, a user of her, through her question box, asked her when she will release her next book. She said it should be out in November 2022, so it’s not long before publication. She is always very busy but she managed to carve out some time in the summer to spend a few days on vacation.

How do we know? She shared many shots and many stories in which she showed the places she visited and in which she also showed herself in costume. A few days ago, on her birthday, she published several shots dedicated to various moments in her life. In the last one she is photographed from a very young age, at 25, when she wore bangsas specification.

Csaba dalla Zorza shares a shot of her 25 years with her followers: “I was wearing the fringe”

Presenter and writer, her new book will soon be out. In fact, in April Csaba made it known in response to a user that her new work will be published in November 2022. Apparently she is very busy with the last stages before publication, barring unforeseen events of course. In addition to curating the new book, she is also very busy with another role.

Since November 2021 she has been the editor of the monthly Maria Claire Maison-Italia. She herself announced it on social media: “Accepting to direct a furniture and design magazine was not immediate… I inherit a magazine that I love, and I feel full of gratitude. I’ve always been fascinated by paper and I love the house “, had written. Csaba is very active on the web and recently, on her birthday, she has published several shots in which she is portrayed in moments of past life. There is one in which he appears as a young man, when he was 25 years old.

csaba dalla zorza shot 25 years
Csaba, 25 years old (credits. Instagram)

The latest, super unpublished, portrays me in the year I was 25 … I was in Honolulu, and I was wearing bangs “, writes in support. In this image the presenter was very young, she wore bangs, as she says, and she was in Honolulu. She shared the memory of her on her 52nd birthday, to relive some past moments.