I wasn’t there but I was there, a project to support that makes us all more human

I wasn’t there but I was there it is a journey of music, words and images, born from the meeting between Massimo “Ice” Ghiacci and Davide “Dudu” Morandi of Modena City Ramblers and Marco V. Ambrosi and Fabrizio Cariati of Nujuwith the illustrator Lorenzo Menini and the sound engineer Gabriele Riccioni (TO SUPPORT IT THIS IS THE LINK), In 2019, in a period not very different from this one, in which the problem of migrants invaded our TVs or smartphones, with political actors busy explaining to us how to do it, without finding a real solution, it began to circulate in our hands and before our eyes, the book “Naufraghi senza nome” by C. Cattaneo. It is in this book that we talk about the famous child with the report card. The pathologist tackles the topic of migrants, through autopsies on bodies recovered at sea, without judgements, just facts. We realized that observing shipwrecks with a scientific method, as if the shipwrecked were numbers to be catalogued, made those numbers stories. Perhaps this is the right way to talk about a tragedy like the one ten years ago and all the subsequent ones.

We’ve been hearing so much rhetoric around this topic for years. First of all the one that fills words like invasion and security, but also welcome and humanity. Obviously the latter are words that must be carved on stone, but they should not be rendered empty words. If we go to the common man and show an image of a dead child on a beach, of the drowned boy with sand in his pocket or the pregnant woman recovered lifeless on the shore, everyone will be moved. But at the same time, with other images, those of groups of men on the pier, he might be indignant because there are too many of them and they are stealing our jobs. We talked to each other, exchanged ideas, did common readings (from Braudel to Calasso, from Gaiman to Coetze, up to Erri De Luca and Alessandro Leogrande) and listened to stories and music.

Then we decided to write songs that could tell the journey of these souls in search of life, from the beginning, from their departure. Together with the songs we imagined there could be some images.

Then we decided to imagine entities above all else, to tell the story as if it were the book of history speaking, through four mythical figures. Faced with a holocaust of this magnitude the world could end. Humanity could disappear.

These four figures must decide whether to bring back a new universal flood.

Because if we don’t save the other drowning at sea, who am I to deserve to exist?

The only answer, at the end of this journey, is memory. A story to illuminate them all, through the cold, disenchanted and magical gaze of four entities who confuse themselves with humans. Migrations do not stop, like the waves of the sea. There are no borders capable of stopping them. How to save those fleeing from war, hunger and poverty, across the desert and the Mediterranean? It is not up to the “Creator”, who introduces the narrative, it is not up to the “Infinites”, who observe between the pages of eternity and can only give the final judgement. The infinite observe the succession of events that they cannot stop and cannot intervene, they cannot do anything to help, except tell. Stories, facts, moments and thoughts, united by the canvas of narration. The living proceed on the journey leaving their traces, but it is the dead who speak, the corpses who tell of the journeys and the roads travelled. It is men who must intervene to save their fellow men. A book whose pages eternity is hidden tells of lives and a journey towards the future, accompanied by the songs of the show, which can be listened to by leafing through the tables.

Telling stories to continue to make those men and women who ended their lives at the bottom of the sea live. Stories and memories form this book to read, watch and listen to. All this will become a graphic novel designed by Lorenzo Menini which will be accompanied by a CD containing 16 unreleased songs written, arranged, played and sung by Dudu, Max, Fabrizio and Marco. Sixteen new songs recorded and produced by Gabriele Riccioni at the Bunker Studio in Rubiera specifically for this project. What we ask of you is to participate with us in the production of this project, receiving in exchange one of the 300 limited edition and autographed box sets containing the graphic novel and the CD. Sitting around the fire, stories have been told since the dawn of time for those who want to listen to them.