“I will be able to help my family financially”: he publicly thanks Maria De Filippi

The young artist thanks Maria De Filippi for the great opportunity that the presenter has offered him: he will work with her!

It is now a matter of a few days and the new edition of Friends: the long-awaited departure date has been announced on the official page of the program and the first registration should take place tomorrow, September 14, according to what it reveals Friends News.

Maria De Filippi cast broadcast (Credits: Witty Tv)

We will meet the new students of the Canale 5 school and meet Rudy Zerbi, Alessandra Celentano, Lorella Cuccarini and Raimondo Todaro as professors. They will join them Arisa and Emanuel Lowho will return in place of coaches Anna Pettinelli and Veronica Peparini.

Viewers of Friends they know well that, in the talent led by Maria De Filippianother very important role is played by i professional dancers. During these twenty years, many dancers have made their experience available to create spectacular choreographies together with the students.

Own this group will be enriched by a new dancer who, as happened several times in the past, was part of the transmission class as a pupil. Now he will be part of the cast and will work side by side with the presenter: a golden opportunity for anyone, especially for him who in this way will be able to help the family on the economic front.

Amici 22: he will be part of the cast and thanks Maria De Filippi

Interviewed by Lorella Cuccarini in her online program tell me about yourselfthe young former student of the talent has spent beautiful words for De Filippi expressing all his gratitude for the attention of the presenter towards the boys protagonists of the program.

“Maria has always been available to everyone, whenever we needed something she made us have it”, he told the blonde professor’s microphones. He is one of the best talents who have ever been seated among the desks of the famous school and we met him during the last edition. Where, among other things, he got the second place in the final and the first in the Dance category.

We are talking about Michele Espositoclassical dancer of Friends 21, who played in the final with the winner Luigi Strangis. He will be the new entry among the professionals of the program. “I will continue as a professional at Amici, I can confirm that. I can’t wait ”, he announced in the chat with Cuccarini, giving immense joy to the many fans he has won since he first appeared on TV.

Michele then also recalled how important his teacher’s support was Alessandra Celentano who has always had faith in his abilities: “He taught me to be looser, to express myself more also through words”. Being a very mature and principled boy, the former student then enthusiastically highlighted the possibility that he now has to help his family financially. “I think this opportunity will allow me to help my family financially. Seeing them smile was one of the greatest gifts I was able to give them ”.

thanks Maria De Filippi
Maria De Filippi will happen shortly (Credits: Witty Tv)

Are you also enchanted to see Michele dance?