"I wrote drunk to JLo": Drake confesses to having annoyed Jennifer Lopez by text message

Over the years, there have been many sayings as to why the past must always remain in the past. But the Canadian rapper Drake he once spilled his feelings into one of his songs. And the feelings were nothing less than for the actress and singer Jennifer Lopezthe ex-fiancée of former baseball player Alex Rodríguez.

The Canadian rapper had just turned 30 when he dated actress Lopez from December 2016 to February 2017. In the short time the two dated, they managed to create enough media hype that they stayed in the headlines for many days.

Even their breakup, and then the rapper’s lyrics, which seem to have been generated from his real life, created buzz in social circles. It happened when Jennifer started dating Rodriguez after breaking up with Drake in February 2017.

What did Drake say about Jennifer Lopez?

Although Jennifer entered into a relationship with the former baseball player, that did not prevent the rapper from remembering a couple of months that he shared with the actress.

In the album “More life”, released in March 2017, there was a song called “Free Smoke”. It was in the lyrics of the song that the rapper talked about his true feelings towards the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez.

The letter was: “Drunk texted JLo/Old Numbers so I bounced back.”

According to the lyrics, Drake did not have a new contact number for Lopez. Therefore, the drunk text messages from him used to be recovered. It doesn’t matter how often he used to text her drunk. One thing is for sure, though: If the texts were to the right number, his then-boyfriend Alex Rodriguez definitely wouldn’t have liked it.

The Toronto-born rapper premiered his More Life playlist on Ovo Sound Radio on Saturday, and on his song “Free Smoke,” Drake admits he sometimes drunkenly texts Jennifer. “I drunk texted J. Lo / Old numbers so I’m on the mend / Boy Wonder’s got to get on the mend,” he raps. He also samples his 1999 single “If You Had My Love” on “Teenage Fever.”

Drake and Jennifer started dating in January, but their romance fizzled out a month later. Jennifer previously teased a collaboration with Drake on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but she doesn’t appear on any of the songs on More Life.

This is the song Free Smoke by Drake

How do Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez get along?

A-Rod and Jennifer started dating in February or March 2017. Two years later, Alex brought up the question of marriage with JLo, to which she said ‘yes’.

The couple then started planning their marriage and was set to tie the knot in the fall of 2020. But, as fate would have it, the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to their marriage. The date of their marriage was still delayed and with it the problems between the couple were also increasing. Which ultimately led to their breakup in April 2021.