IA, Danish premier entrusts speech to ChatGPT: “It fascinates and terrifies”

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen gave a speech in Parliament, in which the first part was written using the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT, in order to highlight both the revolutionary aspect and the risk associated with this technology. During his political evaluation, at the end of the parliamentary session, the head of the Danish government declared that the conversational robot developed by OpenAI is capable of deceiving. “What I have just read is not mine. Or any other human being’s,” she explained surprisingly to the Frederiksen deputies after her presentation. She pointed out that while not always precise in government work schedule details or punctuation, what ChatGPT is capable of is both fascinating and terrifying.

No comment from the premier’s ghostwriters

The people in charge of writing the Prime Minister’s speeches usually did not comment on the quality of this production. Some of the sentences from the speech that were reported in the media include: “Although we have encountered challenges and opposition along the way, I am proud of what we have achieved together in the last parliamentary year” and “We have worked hard to cooperate between the parties and ensure a strong and sustainable future in Denmark”, or “We have taken steps to fight climate change and ensure a fairer and more inclusive society where all citizens have equal opportunities”.

ChatGPT represents one of the latest examples of the extraordinary capabilities of AI, which also raises a number of concerns regarding the abuses that the technology can allow, especially regarding the disinformation or mass replacement of human workers. This issue is the focus of a high-level meeting on trade between the United States and the European Union taking place today in Lulea, Sweden. A group of entrepreneurs and experts, including Sam Altman, the creator of ChatGPT, have sounded the alarm about the “extinction” threats to humanity resulting from the rise of this technology.