Ibrahimovic: “Juve has 38 championships”. The torpedo for Balotelli

The Swede: “If Tonali is a gambling addict, he needs to be helped. It’s like an illness”

“Juventus have won 38 championships because we fought every day, proving that we were the strongest in Italy. They are not 37, Juve’s championships are 38″. He says so Zlatan Ibrahimovic, from the stage of the Trento Sports Festival, recalling his period in black and white. Ibra wore the Juventus shirt from 2004 to 2006, winning 2 championships canceled by sporting proceedings linked to Calciopoli. One title, in particular, was awarded to Inter, third on the pitch behind Juve and Milan.

“In Italy I started in Fabio Capello’s Juventus. He told me that he would bring out all the Ajax that I had inside me. I said to myself ‘let’s start well’. He wanted more concreteness from me and from that day on, always, every day, with Italo Galbiati we always worked on shots on goal. Capello said that my technique was superior to Van Basten but I didn’t have his movements. We worked on this aspect”, says Ibrahimovic.

Future with Milan?

The Swede ended his career with Milan, where he could now return in a new role. “I have no plans and I’m doing things for myself. I don’t want to be a symbol of the past, but let’s see what happens, I had some meetings with Milan and we’re talking, let’s see what happens. If one can bring something it has an effect, otherwise …”, says the former striker.

Tonali and betting

At Milan, Ibra shared the dressing room with Sandro Tonali. The midfielder, now at Newcastle, is one of the players involved in the investigation into illegal betting. If Tonali really suffers from gambling addiction “we need to help him because it’s like a drug. I also played at the casino because everyone does what they want with his money. But we need to understand the situation”, says the Swede. “I know little about this story, I had never noticed anything strange about him. But you shouldn’t judge before knowing everything.”

The torpedo for Balotelli

So, the judgment on Mario Balotelli and Rafa Leao. “When a kid has the chance to exploit his talent to create the future and misses opportunities, it’s a shame. Balotelli had many and missed them all. This is the truth,” says Ibra. “Rafa Leao is not Balotelli, that backheel a few games ago is brilliant stuff. If you score like that you’re a genius. And that thing makes you understand why Leao is there and Balotelli is in the stands.”