Icardi surprises Wanda Nara, shopping spree: have you seen what he gave her?

Mauro Icardi surprises Wanda Nara, did you see what he gave her? Crazy shopping by the Paris Saint Germain footballer

The couple crisis seems to have been overcome. Their love story is going well. The footballer, partly to ‘spoil’ his woman, partly to be forgiven, gave her a very expensive gift. Maurito really surprised everyone.

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Mauro Icardi’s shopping spree for Wanda Nara (Source: Instagram)

Icardi’s gift to Wanda Nara: crazy shopping

Wanda Nara And Mauro Icardi they are one of the most talked about couples in the entertainment world. In the last few weeks, especially, they have been on everyone’s lips. Now, however, the crisis seems to be over. Their love story is going well and their marriage – fortunately – is safe.

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The footballer of the PSG he tried to be forgiven by his wife in every way. Letters, declarations of love, sensational gestures: Icardi has really tried them all. Recently, the footballer tried to win back his wife’s trust with a terrific gift. The Argentine made a really crazy shopping.

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wanda nara detail

The former Inter player gave away one bag very expensive, from a well-known company, to his wife. Wanda immediately showed the gift on social media. The Argentine model unwrapped the orange package and found inside a bag that was not only very expensive, but also rare. The object given to her by her husband, in fact, is produced in a few copies.

The model is one of the finest: it is a Himalaya Birkin 30 from a well-known company, made of Nile crocodile leather and further embellished with set diamonds and gold details.

This is a truly unique gift. In fact, very few celebrities own this bag and for this reason it is a real object of desire. Similar models are jealously guarded by Georgina Rodriguez, wife of Cristiano Ronaldo, and Chiara Ferragni, wife of Fedez.

The cost of the bag given by Icardi to Wanda is very high. On the website of the company that produces it, its value is currently 125 thousand pounds, that is over 300 thousand euros, or the price of a house.