ICcf presents the 14th edition of the China 2023 annual report

The foundation chaired by Mario Boselli will illustrate the research on May 4th

Iccf – Italy China Council Foundation presents the XIV edition of its Annual Report, China 2023, addressing the issue of the post-Covid recovery in China and the growth potential of cultural and commercial exchanges with Italy. The first part of the research, elaborated by the Iccf Study Center and with a completely renewed format, will be illustrated on May 4th at 4 pm, with an event dedicated exclusively in presence, at the Confcommercio headquarters in Milan, in Corso Venezia 47. The focus of the foundation chaired by Mario Boselli will focus on the restart of consumption in the Asian country in the Xi Jinping era, between critical issues and new ways of consuming.

The analysis, which also sees the involvement and contribution of the ICcf members, represents one of the most complete outlooks on China currently available in Italy. China 2023 will shed light on the development prospects of Italian companies in the People’s Republic of China, always with a view to bilateral relations and investments and changes in the international scenarios: political, economic and access to the Dragon market, with an in-depth analysis of the greater interest in the Italian realities.

Written in Italian, full of data and original studies, the guide will be a useful tool for all those small, medium and large companies that want to bring their business to China, opening the doors to a wide-ranging growth in a country that promises fertile ground for the future.