Icing Live brings Caro, Missey and Isis, witnesses of a rebellious generation to the Tunnel

The second Glassa evening includes the performance of Deara young Milanese talent, accompanied by the inevitable See Maw, di Missey and Iside, a band from Bergamo. They are all emerging artists with immature talent but with great energy and a great desire to convey emotions. “Milan is empty like my room” – “I threw another day with the world against” – “The night we live is never enough, I’m on the bed with the war in my head”: these are some phrases from the songs of Dear And See Maw, artists who in their songs deal with adolescence and the inability to accept the problems of adults with the hearts of children. The public goes beyond participation, it looks like the vanguard of a youth movement. The songs speak of distant glances and unanswered messages, of the desire to break down walls and really get excited. These guys need to leave and take back what has been taken from them, they have two years away from friends, memories, fools and summer loves. Caro and See Maw, were able to create an absolute synergy with the public.

The Tunnel is almost full when Missey takes the controls of the evening. Her slender and petite build is made colossal by her disarming personality. A “Little Tom” pistol with a thundering gun voice that is unmatched. Missey he has a style, music and attitude reminiscent of the gypsy culture. Wild hair, various ornaments and music with ethnic tones that make his music an experience as well as a moment of leisure. Decade, of all the songs is the one that most impressed me. It seems like a sound that comes from the Earth, a refrain carried by the wind. A voice that is a myriad of tones, mysterious and hidden like sounds in the woods. Missey she is completely transported by her music, she moves on stage at the mercy of emotions.

The time comes for Isis who immediately show confidence and experience, striking with the energy they transmit. Throughout the performance, they managed to interact with the public, perfectly managing the times and alternating different choreographies. The tireless band from Bergamo tells of a toxic love. A sharp relationship in which to know each other leads to knowing where to strike and not where to heal, a relationship in which there is a sour balance between kissing and scarring. The music of Isis shows a dreamer in love, who begs his beloved to admire flaws without

to leave, to understand mistakes without judging. The music of Isis, especially in the song Alien, recalls the concept of Plato’s symposium, which argues that lovers speak a language that is not audible to others and above all foreign to reason. Being in love leads to non-human feats and whether they will be heroic or damned will only depend on us.