Ida and Alessandro, shock report: nothing would be as it seems

Ida and Alessandro, shock report on the couple born a few months ago to Men and Women: nothing would be as it seems.

A romantic love story, between travel and dream weekends. Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza they show themselves happier than ever after leaving the scene from the Canale 5 broadcast. The two x protagonists of the Over throne have decided to leave Men and women a few months ago, to fully experience their love away from the cameras. A love that is booming!

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After the New Year spent in Miami, the two are enjoying a few days of complete relaxation at the Bormio spa. And, also in this case, the couple shares the most tender moments of their days with the fans. Someone, however, seems to have doubts about their relationship. In particular, a report received from Deianira Marzano cast a big shadow on the couple born to Men and Women. Words that have not gone unnoticed, that’s what it’s all about.

Ida and Alessandro receive a sensational report: are they pretending?

Ida Platano and Alessandro, true love or pure fiction? Despite the skepticism of some, including Tina Cipollari, at the time of leaving the program, the two former protagonists of the Over throne are more in love than ever, as shown by the social images. Images in which, however, not everyone believes.

In particular, an Instagram user reported his doubts about the couple, who “would brag about a great love” that doesn’t exist. As read in a report reported by Deianira Marzano, the user in question would have friends in common with Alessandro. Friends to whom Alessandro would have revealed that he and Ida “they play along because she knows how it works”.

According to the report, the moments of fun and the trips organized by the couple would be part of the ‘script’ staged by the two exes of the Over throne, who would therefore only be friends. “In fact, if you notice they never kiss”, concludes the user. A strong accusation, the one that transpires from the anonymous report: for the user, the story between Alessandro and Ida would actually be a farce.

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A report on the UeD couple – credits Instagram (

An accusation to which, at least for the moment, the couple has decided not to reply. Unlike what could soon happen with the interview released by Riccardo Guarnieri.

Ida and Riccardo, new face to face coming soon?

In recent days, in fact, Riccardo Guarnieri has given an interview to the magazine of Men and Women, talking, among other things, also of the story between Alessandro and Ida. Not only that: the Apulian knight also mentioned the much talked about Shakira song, dedicated to his ex Piqué. A jab for Platano and her new boyfriend? What is certain is that, in the last recording, as reported by Men and Women Classic and Over, Maria De Filippi communicated to Riccardo that Ida has something to tell him! There will be a new face-off right in the center of the study of Men and Women. We can’t wait to find out, we’ll see some good ones!