Ida Platano and Alessandro, surprise announcement after Men and women: no one would have imagined it!

After Men and Women, Ida Platano and Alessandro surprised all their admirers with a surprise announcement: no one would have imagined it.

There are many couples who have formed in the study of Men and women over the course of these twenty years of broadcasting, but among those that have most been able to attract attention to themselves, there is certainly the one formed by Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza. Recently released from the program hand in hand, the two lovebirds continue to be quite united and close-knit. This is confirmed not only by their social photos, but also by the very recent surprise announcement. Did you also read what they said?

Ida men and women. Credits: Instagram

It seemed that fate was not on their side, but it was not like that at all: after just under a year from the beginning of their acquaintance, Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza managed to leave Men and women hand in hand. Theirs, as many will know, was by no means an easy acquaintance. In fact, the two dated for several months earlier this year, but chose to call it off due to his hesitation and her insistence on a serious relationship. Then, when he returned to the studio and declared himself in love with Ida, the beautiful hairdresser could not resist her charm and surrendered to her courtship.

Love, as happened to another couple in the programme, has once again triumphed. And today Alessandro and Ida are happier than ever. Let’s find out together, however, what they recently told the Men and Women magazine.

Ida and Alessandro after Men and women: the announcement takes everyone by surprise

Despite what everyone might think, Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza they are more united than ever after Men and women. Not only were those directly interested in explaining it during a very recent one hosted on Maria De Filippi’s dating show, but they also recently confirmed it to the program’s magazine.

During their very recent interview with the newspaper, the couple spoke extensively, explaining to everyone how these first love affairs are proceeding. Everything seems to be going well and, despite the distance, they have declared that they never miss an opportunity to experience each other. In short, Ida and Alessandro are really over the moon! What is missing in their life now? Well, a son!

At the Men and Women magazine, Alessandro did not hide his desire to become a father. Sure, maybe it’s still too early a speech to make, but the handsome Vicinanza couldn’t help but express this desire on his part. “I would like a stork to bring me a gift with a big pink bow on it. Maybe not immediately, but in the near future, yes.” the former rider confirmed to the newspaper.

It is clear that Alessandro’s announcement to the newspaper has absolutely not gone unnoticed, but at the same time fills the heart with joy. They will also be together officially for a few months, but it would seem that the two intend to do things seriously. And we can only be happy for them!

ida alessandro men and women
ida alessandro instagram. Credits: Instagram

We wish Ida and Alessandro all the best!