Ida Platano unrecognizable: a distorted look for the lady of Men and Women

Ida Platano unrecognizable: distorted look for the lady of Men and Women; so we’ve never seen it.

Among the female protagonists of the Over throne of Men and women there is undoubtedly her, Ida Platano. After the end of the stormy love story with Riccardo Guarnieri, the lady from Brescia has no longer found true love. You have had several acquaintances, the last with Alessandro Vicinanza from Salerno, but no happy ending. Waiting to find out how her adventure will continue in the broadcast, we show you an unprecedented version of Ida!

Ida Platano unrecognizable: distorted look for the lady of Men and Women; so we’ve never seen it. (Instagram Credits)

As a perfect hairstyist, Platano loves to play with her look: in transmission, Ida always shows off different hairstyles and make-up, experimenting with new combinations. Well, just in the last few hours, Ida showed everyone her latest ‘head shot’: curious to find out what did he do to his hair? So we’ve never seen it!

Ida Platano changes her look: have you seen the ‘new’ hair of the lady of Men and Women?

Probably we will see it with this look in the next episodes of Men and Women: in these days, in fact, several recordings of Maria De Filippi’s broadcast have been held. Ida PlatanoHowever, she has already shown her new hair to followers through her Instagram stories. And Although Ida loves to show off with so many different hairstyles and she has experimented with her most disparate looks over the years, so we had never seen her!

Yes, because Platano has chosen an afro, super bulky hedgehog, quite different: curious to see it? Here are some shots taken from her Instagram:

ida platano look
Ida Platano in her Instagram stories (Instagram Credits)

Oh yes, we told you! A decidedly new version of Ida, that of the last few days. But one thing is certain: the Platano is enchanting in all sauces! You like her new look?

Ida and Riccardo, backfire?

After the end of dating with Alessandro, Ida started dating the knight Ilie: there is a good feeling between them, but nothing important seems to have been born yet. To upset Ida’s path, however, she thought about it the return to the studio of his ex Riccardo. Between the two, today, there is serenity: they clarified and, more than once, they danced together in the center of the studio. There are those who speak of a possible return of the flame between the two, but both, for the moment, do not speak of starting over … Will it really be like this or will the spark reignite? We just have to wait for the next news!