“If it is true that I conquered her by giving her books?”: Paolo Bonolis displaces the audience

The unsettling answer of Paolo Bonolis during the interview with Verissimo: his wife Sonia Bruganelli and the books have to do with it.

Also on the occasion of the last interview in which they were protagonists at Verissimo last weekend, Paolo Bonolis and his wife Sonia Bruganelli they proved to be a couple with an enviable harmony.

“If it is true that I conquered her by giving her books?”: Paolo Bonolis surprises the public (Mediaset Infinity)

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Together for 25 years, the famous conductor and columnist of the GF Vip 6 they are more united than ever and the feeling between them is palpable. With the usual irony that distinguishes him and makes him so loved by the public, Paolo revealed who is the most ‘romantic’ in the relationship: “I’m romantic, Sonia is not. What do you mean now, that you are romantic? Everything is fine, but not really bullshit. […] How did these years go by together? Very good. If we are still here in Verissimo and not in crime news, that’s a lot of stuff. The problem is not the past years, they are the ones that await us ”.

A beautiful extended family that they have built, where there is no lack of bond with the children born from Bonolis first marriage, now made a grandfather by his daughter who lives in America. “I became a grandfather. It would be great if Grandpa could do it, but he lives with my daughter and her husband in Austin, Texas. Every now and then I only see a few videos: he started eating alone, he learned to walk, in a while they will send me the videos where he goes to work. You can’t go anywhere and I experience it in a two-dimensional key ”.

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The presenter, after the end of the relationship with Laura Freddi, has decided to get married again with Sonia. Just about how their love was born, he tried to investigate Toffanin and Paolo’s answer surprised everyone.

Very true, Paolo Bonolis reveals whether he has conquered his wife with books

Although many years have passed since their first meeting, Paolo still appears super in love with his wife and everything suggests that it was love at first sight.

When Silvia Toffanin he asked him if he was electrocuted, he replied: “Like Saint Paul on the road to Damascus. If it is true that I conquered her by giving her books? This is coverage, I actually won it over with other things, but you can’t tell. Sonia said I boasted riches? Still boasting today ”, clearly referring to what his wife told in the studio al GF Vip. Sonia then immediately said: “In fact, she was boasting of her former skills”.

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One of the most beautiful and funny couples in the show, do you agree?