“If it weren’t for…”, competitor wants to leave Gf Vip 6: a surprise decision

A competitor seems willing to leave GF Vip 6: “If it weren’t for …”, his decision is totally surprising

The air becomes heavy in the house of Big Brother Vip. A competitor contemplates leaving the game forever. He communicated his decision last night after the bet to the roommates. “If it weren’t for … “. The gieffino he will meditate for a long time in the next few hours and then make a final decision. In the meantime, do you want to know who we are talking about?

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GF VIP 6, competitor wants to leave the reality show: his words (Source: screen video Instagram)

Competitor wants to leave GF Vip 6: “If it weren’t for …”

Last night a new episode of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. The game is getting tougher. THE competitors they still don’t know that the edition will be extended until March, but some are starting to suspect it. The air is very heavy in the most watched house in Italy. Quarrels and discussions are on the agenda.

After the episode last night, one of the contestants of the reality show has communicated to his roommates the intention to leave the game forever. His decision, taken totally by surprise, has displaced the other tenants of the most spied-on house in Italy, as well as the public.

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But who is the competitor who wants to leave the Canale 5 reality show? Alex Belli. The actor last night was the protagonist of a confrontation with his partner Delia Duran. The two hugged again after about two months and then argued. Delia does not appreciate her companion’s attitude in the house. Alex is too close to Soleil, but continues to argue that there is only a strong friendship between the two. Friendship or not, Delia does not digest it and yesterday she reiterated it.

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Alex Belli and Soleil
(screen Mediaset Play)

Alex at the beginning of the reality show was one of the revelations of the show, but as the days went by it turned into a real disappointment. The actor was accused, both inside and outside the house, of acting out a script. His friendship with Soleil and consequently his marriage to Delia.

Belli seems not to bear the attacks that come from outside and yesterday, after the confrontation with his partner, he revealed to his roommates: “If it weren’t for Turandot (work to be staged together with Soleil and Katia Ricciarelli ed.) I would quit the game“.