Iginio Massari, how much does your panettone cost? Price beyond belief

Do you know how much Iginio Massari’s panettone costs? The price is unbelievable and there is also bad news …

It is certainly one of the most requested in Italy. Many would like to eat it, but few know its price. In this article we talk about the panettone of one of the most famous pastry chefs in Italy.

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Iginio Massari, how much does his panettone cost: the price (Source: Instagram)

How much does Iginio Massari’s panettone cost?

Iginio Massari is one of the most famous pastry chefs in Italy. He was born in Brescia on 29 August 1942 from a cook and a canteen manager. At 16 he moved to Switzerland to learn the ‘secrets of the trade’. There he is followed by the master Claude Gerber and acquires the first experiences of pastry and chocolate. After 4 years, having finished his studies, he decides to return to Italy.

He was hired first at Bauli as manager of qualitative innovation, then at Star as technical manager of the artisan and industrial sector. In 1971 he opened with the wife in Brescia with his wife la Veneto pastry shop, which ranks first in the selection of the Gambero Rosso guide from 2011 to 2016. In addition to the historic Pasticceria Veneto, it has inaugurated a further three in Milan, Turin and Verona.

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He was coach of the Italian team in 1997 and 2015 at the Pastry World Cup. In March 2015 he was awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement.
He began to gain national notoriety thanks to television appearances. He was a guest and judge of MasterChef Italy, since 2017 is the protagonist of the program “Iginio Massari – The Sweetman”, where competitors try their hand at creating their best dessert.

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He is considered by many to be the putative father of Pandoro and panettone. He creates a reinterpretation of the classic Milanese Christmas cake, combining tradition and innovation. Many would like to taste hers panettone, but few know the price. If you are curious, keep reading the article and you will find out.

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The famous pastry chef’s panettone costs 40 euros per kilo. A reasonable price for a product of this magnitude. In addition to being highly processed, it is also produced by one of the most famous pastry chefs in Italy, as well as the putative father of the panettone itself. There is, however, bad news: currently the panettone is only available for delivery from 28 December 2021.