Ignazio Moser, the announcement that leaves everyone speechless: no one expected it

Ignazio Moser gave an announcement to all his fans that he left speechless: no one expected it, but it is truly incredible.

He had already said that there would be a announcement, but no one would ever have expected such a thing. “Let’s see how you people of the web take it”, it is with these exact words that Ignazio Moser he had hinted that there was some news on the way. And, indeed, it was just like that.

Ignazio Moser. Credits: Instagram

Some – after these ‘enigmatic’ words of Ignazio – had believed that the couple was about to announce a new entry in the family, but instead it was not at all like this. No, Cecilia Rodriguez is not pregnant – as many had supposed – rather the announcement given by the handsome Moser concerns him in the first person. Of course, it will have been a great satisfaction for his partner too, but Ignazio is the only protagonist of this announcement.

As unexpected as it is surprising, the announcement that Ignazio Moser shared a few hours ago on his official social channel, leaving everyone speechless. This is something completely new in which the former castaway of The Island of the Famous had never tried his hand before. No more chatter, let’s find out something more!

Ignazio Moser’s announcement leaves everyone speechless: what he revealed

It would seem that the novelty announced a few weeks ago by Belen Rodriguez is not the only one that sees the beloved Argentine family as the protagonist! As mentioned earlier, to share with her supporters a announcement really crazy it was right Ignazio Moser a few hours ago on his official social channel. Very active on his Instagram profile, the beloved sportsman could not help but share this new adventure in which he took part with his admirers.

Like his brother-in-law Stefano De Martino, Ignazio Moser also attended – together with his splendid Cecilia – the Venice Film Festival. Are you curious to know why? The answer is very simple and has to do with the announcement we are talking about: the very young cyclist made his debut as an actor. “I was given a great opportunity”, explained the handsome Moser at the presentation of the film. In the films, Ignazio will play the role of a former footballer, who does not have a very easy story to tell. He will have a troubled moment in his life, he will have a platonic liaison with Roberta “, has explained.

Although Ignatius does not know if acting is the path he will take from this moment on, he could not help but underline how committed and enjoyed himself in this adventure.

How is the relationship with Cecilia going?

About a year ago, these days, all the newspapers said that Ignazio Moser and Cecilia Rodriguez were in crisis. To date – although both have not denied these rumors, but have confirmed that there have been some ‘problems’ – the two appear happier and more in love than ever. Together, in fact, they have reached another incredible milestone and continue to love each other madly.

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Cecilia and Ignazio. Credits: Instagram

We wish both Cecilia and Ignazio a big good luck for their love story and their future!