Igor Nogarotto, when songs meet books… the playlist

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1. I’ll pick you up and take you away Of Vasco Rossi is inspired by the homonymous book by Niccolò

Ammaniti, not only in the title: the text, in its brazenness (“where are you going so now you’re mine”) and in the womanizing mood, recalls the protagonist of the novel Graziano Biglia, who in turn leads an extravagant life just like the rocker of Zocca. (Was Ammaniti inspired by Vasco before that?)

2/3. I want to remember Franco Battiato (absolutely my favorite artist) for 2 songs inspired by 2 great works. The first song is Invitation to travel (text by the philosopher from Catania Manlio Sgalambro) composition inspired by Les Fleurs du mal by Baudelaire, a journey of salvation towards the absolute “Down there everything is order and beauty, calm and voluptuousness the world falls asleep in a warm light” whose model roots in Dante. The second is Shock in my Townexpression of the concept “additional shock” (i.e. the extra effort that allows us to make a change) of the Armenian mystic Gurdjieff in The Fourth Way.

4. Edward Bennato with Always traveling on the sea (1998 Sbandato album)

tells the life of Novecento, protagonist and title of Alessandro Baricco’s masterpiece. “Always traveling on the sea between America and Europe and he always playing on his grand piano the wisest of all sailors, he who had never gone ashore but still saw the whole world”.

5. Over the border the first title that comes to mind is 1984 Of David Bowie inspired by the ante litteram book by George Orwell (Big Brother docet). Bowie didn’t have the authorization to create a musical based on the novel itself, denied him by Orwell’s widow, Sonia, but he nevertheless released 1984 as a single, in which between wah-wah, funk and soul sounds he anticipated (he too) his change of style. (Orwell who also inspired Radiohead with the same novel with 2 + 2 = 5)

6. Hey Jack Kerouac of the 10,000 Maniacs has two literary references: mentions the name of the

writer author of On the road in the title, but also speaks of the American poet Allen Ginsberg “Allen child why so tired? Are the boys all grown up and their looks faded?”

7. The first single by Kate Bush (and perhaps his greatest achievement) is Wuthering Heights, which was inspired by Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. The identification with the protagonist Catherine is clear: “Heathcliff it’s me I’m Cathy I’ve come home!”.

8. Perfume by Patrick Süskind was a favorite book by Kurt Cobain, carried a copy everywhere. She inspired him to write Scentless Apprentice. The song of the Nirvana it really speaks of a child (Jean Grenouille) born without body odor, without perfume “As many babies have the smell of butter, his odor smelled like no one else was born without perfume”.

9. Even in metal there is no shortage of cultured references: For Whom the Bell Tolls of the Metallica inspired by the novel For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway. Five Republican soldiers during the Spanish Civil War are on horseback, fleeing the fascists, but are overtaken and killed by an airplane on a hill. “For whom the bell tolls look at the sky just before you die because it will be the last time you do it”.

10. To conclude, I return to Rome with an immortal classic that has directed my artistic life: Schoolmate Of Antonello Venditti in which the Great Poet (Dante, also mentioned by Bob Dylan in Tangled up in blue) appears twice with “And the Divine Comedy is increasingly comedy to the point that even today I don’t know if Dante was a free man, a bankrupt or a servant party” and with two of the protagonists of Canto V of Dante’s Inferno “But Paolo and Francesca I remember them well”, who died for love, condemned for a pure feeling, born against the impositions of power.