Igualitas: the video that shows that the daughter of José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez and his granddaughter are identical

The family of the Venezuelan singer Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez 79 years has always been controversial. He was married to the artist Lila Morillo and together they had their two oldest daughters, Liliana and Lilibeth, who also have a love for music and singing in their blood.

Then he Puma Rodriguez he separated from Lila Morillo and married for the second time with the model Carolina Pérez and had his third daughter Génesis Rodríguez. It was there that relations became tense as the older daughters demanded attention and felt displaced.

From that moment when the eldest daughters of the Puma Rodriguez They hardly have a dialogue with their father and that is why the Puma does not know his only granddaughter Galilea Lopez Morillo who is Liliana’s daughter. The young woman is already 26 years old, lives in Texas, and is dedicated to real estate unlike the rest of the family who lives from art.

Galilea Lopez Morillo. Source: Terra archive

Galilea Lopez Morillo He is a phenomenon on social networks where he accumulates almost 100 thousand followers from all latitudes and for them he shares his best looks, poses, trips, and family moments with his mother. Liliana Rodriguez Morillo, her aunt Lilibeth and her grandmother Lila.

now it was Liliana Rodriguez Morillo who published a video with her daughter on her social networks in which you can see how they dance on the beach with a lot of rhythm. They also have an enormous physical resemblance and also in their humor and way of living life. “To the rhythm of Elvis Crespo, Softly, immortal, moment of mother and daughter,” wrote the eldest daughter of Puma Rodríguez next to the publication.