Iker Casillas spoke for the first time about his alleged affair with Shakira

Colombian singer Shakira The 45-year-old does not give up and is willing to do whatever it takes to get her children to move with her to Miami in this new stage of her life. She would do the same with her parents whom she would take to the luxurious mansion that awaits her in the United States.

Although the race Shakira was not affected at any time, she wants to leave behind the problems that her divorce has brought her and focus fully on the creation of new songs, on the release of her new album and if the family organization allows it, on a new international tour.

Since it became known that she is single, Shakira She has been related to various men, who would be in the difficult task of conquering her wounded heart. In the last interview that she gave to the press, she stressed that it is still early to talk about love and that today her priority goes elsewhere.

One of the people who was linked to Shakira is the spanish footballer Iker Casillas, who knows the singer from the meetings and events they attended at Club Barcelona, ​​since he was a teammate of Gerard Piqué. The athlete also divorced relatively recently and suddenly began to follow the singer, something that attracted attention.

Post by Iker Casillas. Source: instagram @ikercasillas

But now Iker Casillas used the social network of the little camera to clarify that he has nothing to do with his colleague’s ex-partner Pique. The athlete shared several of the news that speak of the alleged relationship and said: “Touch your nose, touch your nose” in a clear reference to the fact that everything is a lie.