“Il Cantatour – Live Show” starts from the Mercadante theater in Altamura: appointment on November 19th

Annalisa Minetti will also be present at the first evening of the “Cantatour – Live Show”, organized at the Mercadante theater in Altamura for Friday 19 November at 8.30 pm, the first stage of the tour organized by Radiobari and conducted by Renato Ciardo, with the support of ARET Pugliapromento and Regione Puglia.

The show is free to enter and will be broadcast in live streaming on the social pages of Telebari and Radiobari, as well as on a large screen positioned for the occasion in Piazza della Repubblica, in Altamura. The leitmotif of the Cantatour, music and its link with the Apulian land which, through comic gags and actor and authorial tricks, will provide for the active involvement of spectators in the hall, who will be invited to perform on stage and test themselves in a singing competition. on published songs, giving life to a show halfway between “karaoke” and “bullfighting”.

Luca Scandale, general manager of Pugliapromotion, Giuseppe Colonna, mayor of Mola di Bari, Raffaella Petronelli, deputy mayor of Altamura, Francesco Paolicelli, regional councilor, Maddalena Mazzitelli, director of Telebari and Radiobari, and Renato Ciardo.

“This tour is only the beginning of a journey – underlined the director of Telebari, Maddalena Mazzitelli – because after the theaters, from next summer we would like to take it to the squares, as we did in the first years of Radiobari’s life”. The event is the result of “synergies between the different skills – said the deputy mayor of Altamura, Raffaella Petronelli – Thanks to this collaboration we were able to create a real springboard for the culture that, due to Covid, has remained silent for too much time”. The Cantatour therefore represents “an opportunity to relaunch after the tourist and cultural crisis caused by the pandemic but above all – specified the director general of Pugliapromozione, Luca Scandale – it is a test for next summer”.

After the stage in Altamura, Renato Ciardo’s show will move first to the Van Westerhout theater in Mola di Bari (on 2 December – guest Riccardo Fogli), then to the Piccinni theater in Bari, for the final evening of 17 December, with Savino Zaba and the Stonato Band. All three evenings will also be broadcast deferred on Telebari, channel 12 of the digital terrestrial and Teletrani, channel 188 of the digital terrestrial.

Find out more at: http://rpu.gl/WqRdh