‘Il Mercante in Fiera’ starts today 25 September with Pino Insegno

On Rai2 at 7.55pm. Alongside the host Lavinia Abate, Miss Italia 2022, who will take on the role of the Black Cat

A merchant, two decks of cards and a black cat. ‘Il Mercante in Fiera’, the game show hosted by Pino Insegno, starts today Monday 25 September at 7.55pm on Rai 2. The program, created in collaboration with Banijay Italia, is based on the Christmas card game of the same name and features, in each episode, three competitors who challenge the Merchant (played by Pino Insegno), using luck, cunning, strategy and intuition. Alongside Insegno, in her television debut, Roman Lavinia Abate, Miss Italia 2022, will take on the role of the Black Cat.

The Merchant at the Fair, how the game works

While retaining the characteristics that made the first historic edition of 2006 famous, the program will present itself with many new features: it will be played in a renovated studio, with many new and old cards – from the Infant to the Trapper, from the Mother-in-Law to the Vampires – and with a unpublished Black Cat, iconic character of the program. But he will always be the Merchant, Pino Insegno, who by playing with the two classic decks of cards will try to tempt the three challengers with negotiations and exchange proposals. As the losing cards are revealed, the three will battle while also trying to avoid the risk of the infamous Black Cat’s card. The competitor who is not eliminated and reaches the end and becomes champion will find himself in front of the Golden Pyramid which contains the 7 prizes up for grabs in each episode. If he has been tenacious, intuitive and lucky enough to hold the right cards in his hand, the champion will be able to take home the money offered by the winning prizes instead of the remaining four prank prizes that the Pyramid contains.

Pino Insegno, the return to Rai and the controversies

The return of Pino Insegno to Rai and the hosting of some programs such as ‘L’Eredità’ as well as ‘Il Mercante in Fiera’ was accompanied by various controversies also linked to his participation in political events of Fratelli d’Italia. “After eight months of silence, I finally really speak…”, Pino Insegno said a few days ago to AdnKronos on the program ‘L’Eredità’ which he is preparing to host on Rai1 – from 1 January at 6.45pm with seven contestants until the final ‘guillotine’ – and on the ‘legacy’ left by his predecessor Flavio Insinna, on how much he will draw on the experience that preceded him and how much he will instead put into it ‘his own’.

“I come from various experiences on TV, from ‘Reazione a Catena’ to ‘Mercante in Fiera’ – recalled the Roman showman – and in every path, always difficult for me and where I often had to fight, I brought my being an actor, voice actor, comic artist, presenter. As a presenter, I have learned that you must never put yourself at the center of attention, but you must take a step back to enhance the competitors and this is what I will also do at ‘L’Eredità’, which will be obviously more ‘in tune’ with my way of conducting.” In short, an ‘inheritance’ accepted with the benefit of inventory, or rather: of inventiveness…

Pino Insegno and participation in the Fratelli d’Italia rally

”Do they criticize me because I introduced Meloni’s rally? This shit… they also do it because they are from Lazio. I am not an influencer, I am a very good actor, voice actor and trainer, who lives with respect for others so I have no problems declaring my political preferences. Do we all have to be the same?”, said Pino Insegno, speaking to Adnkronos in September 2022, thus rejecting the hail of criticism, some bordering on insult, received on social media since he introduced Giorgia’s electoral rally. Melons at Piazza Popolo in Rome.

”I am Commander of the Republic for social merit, proposed by President Napolitano and not by Almirante – he said ironically – this means that in my life I have done, do and will always do things to help others. It’s not that if I say hello to my friend Giorgia I’m hurting anyone and yet I’ve been attacked everywhere”, the actor added before underlining that he had suffered marginalization from the world of television: ”Why did I disappear from television? – asks Teach – Am I not good? Why was Pino Insegno put in a corner for no reason given that I have made more than 1,600 highly successful TV episodes? What I can say is that if something happened it’s not ‘because I’m not good but for other reasons – he continued – Meritocracy exists in dubbing and theater but not in television’ ‘.