Il Paradiso delle Signore, previews of the next appointment: the new entry lights up the set!

Ladies’ Paradise has some exciting news for the next appointment. The news entry changes everything, that’s who it is!

The television adventure with the Ladies Paradise begins in December of 2015, and continues to exist today with the registration of ben 785 episodes! Lots of appointments, but zero boredom, because entertainment is ensured by a dynamic story full of twists and turns, just like the last scheduled ones. The atelier will be quite in turmoil, both for i inner torments of some protagonists, but also for the arrival of a exceptional character. Here’s who it is, and above all who will play!

The Paradise of the Ladies revelation new TV appointment (Credits: @ilparadisodellesignorerai)- Sologossip

To the Ladies Paradise all of them have recently happened, starting with a gem that delights the most loyal fans. The character of Victor stays, it won’t go away, at least that’s what is defined for now. In fact, yesshe will be close to Marco who has returned to Milan without Stefania, and it is here that thoughts put the protagonists on stage in difficulty. If on the one hand there are torments of love, on the other an irrepressible passion breaks out between Marcellus And Adelaide, but they will have to deal with what happened. In all this hustle comes “the character” who will give a a lot of pepper to the events.

The Paradise of the Ladies, sensational news: new entry!

Other characters they will hide their feelings, while others will bring out quite “problematic” anger. It is the case of Ludovica that disturbed by the proximity of Adelaide and Marcello will give some thought to Ferdinand, angry at the situation. And Gem? She still has feelings for Marco, her feelings have been severely affected by the current situation. Confirmed that she feels nothing for Carlos, despite him trying so hard.

Thus, in an apparent crisis between the two reunited lovers, Gem puts his hand to get back with the ex. So, love and jealousy will be great protagonists, but with them also the new entry with a precise role! The sources from the web speak for themselves.

Sandra Milo at Ladies Paradise
The Paradise of the Ladies, new entry Sandra Milo (Credits:@sandramiloreal)- Sologossip

The new face is precisely that of the iconic showgirl Sandra Milo! The 89-year-old still has plenty of energy to spare, and that’s right on the set of Ladies Paradise which showcases his artistic skills and his formidable television experience. From January 30th to February 3rd, the presence of the actress will bring new “shades of color” to the story. She will impersonate a testimonial of the first lycra sock in the history of Italian fashion.

Thus, the character of Sandra Milo will be historically relevant, but also with regard to the unfolding of events and relationships. His presence will unite Vittorio and Matilde even more, and it is precisely this closeness that will enrage Tancredi. There will be some good ones.