“Il Segreto”, second album by Venerus: between intimacy, community and a kaleidoscope of sounds

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An intimate space, full of sounds and scents, which makes you feel good as soon as you cross the threshold: it is the magical place of Venerus, where “Il Segreto”, his second album, was born. No, it’s not a studio. Not even a real house. It is an intimate and delicate place, where there is space to dream, create and live. Putting a label on this place would be simplistic, just like identifying the music that was born right here. Ten songs born within these four walls, between the sounds of nearby spaces and the nearby railway. Shades that make Venerus’ second album even richer, which the artist will soon be taking on tour. Disc that, together with some colleagues, I had the privilege of listening to in the magical place where it was conceived and recorded live with the band that will accompany it live around Italy. In a space that doesn’t have the “necessary” technical characteristics to record an album which, however, also thanks to these walls touched by the most diverse noises and sounds, is even more special.

Sounds authentic

“I like to think that when I listen to this album again in 30 years time, I will feel this place,” says Venerus. “It is a disc that contains many moments, and the title contains all the meanings that I want to give to this collection of trousers: The secret talks about me, of course. But it gives everyone the opportunity to enter my world. And that talks a lot about community, of my friends. It is a creation that is the result of the journey done live with the band: all the lives done together with these extraordinary musicians have formed me a lot. And all the teachings received have also helped me in the journey that led me to create this my second solo album. Which, in fact, is by a band” says Venerus with a smile.

“I would never make changes to this album. It’s perfect like this”

I like watching Venerus when he listens to his new album with us. Sometimes he shakes his head, in other moments he is thoughtful, wandering who knows what creative galaxies. At the end of listening to the ten songs I ask him: “What were you thinking about while listening to your music? Did you notice any imperfections that you would like to change?” He looks at me and, without any hesitation, with a reassuring smile, he says: “This album is perfect like this, even in its apparent imperfections. Which they are not. All the sounds that went into the recording are part of the record and no, not I would make no changes.In this regard, a random quote from Beyoncé comes to mind, who in her song “Pretty Hurts” says: Perfection is the disease of a nation. I make this phrase my own and bring it closer to this record of mine ”she adds with a smile.

“I live the music”

An album made following a well-defined method: in January the writing, in February the recording and then the production of the ten songs: “I worked very well with Filippo Cimatti (producer but also one of my closest friends), Danny Bronzini (guitar ), Andrea Colicchia (bass), Elia Pastori (drums) and Danilo Mazzone (organ/keyboards). I always try to experience music without thinking about the logic of the market in order to be able to express myself at best. And I’m happy to have made this album”. says Venerus who will soon begin rehearsals for the summer tour.

Secret Tour – The Dates

23 June 2023 – ttico Festival (Bra – CN)

25 June 2023 – Rome Summer Fest – Cavea Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone (Rome)

04 July 2023 – Goa Boa (Genoa)

07 July 2023 – Tener-A-mente Vittoriale Festival (Gardone Riviera – BS)

13 July 2023 – Sherwood Festival (Padua)

July 19th 2023 – Noisy Naples Fest (Naples)

July 22nd 2023 – Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour (Lajatico – PI)

July 29, 2023 – Beyond the Sea | Becky Bay (Rimini)

06 August 2023 – Tagghiate Urban Fest (Melpignano – LE)

09 August 2023 – Alcart Festival (Alcamo – TP)


The first song on the album is “Instructions” and it’s (also) my favorite. I admit that, when I heard it for the first time, I immediately thought: how much beauty in these words. And in these notes. A bit like everything in “Il Segreto”: difficult to explain, beautiful to listen to. Why, in the end “I wrote these instructions / Just to make you smile.”



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