Il Segreto, the actress who plays Emilia gave us a cut: here she is today with the new hairstyle

She played Emilia in Il Segreto: forget the actress like this, today she has completely changed her look.

The Secret is a Spanish soap opera that has had impressive success. It has been broadcast in many countries and in all of them has had great response from viewers. A story spanning 8 years and 12 seasons. Puente Viejo is the village that we saw and was the background to the whole plot.

The secret, Emilia today (credits: youtube)

With the last episode aired in May 2021 it closed its doors. The country was destroyed by the bombs that Don Filiberto had placed in the streets and the first inhabitants to die are the priest, Donna Francisca and Raimundo. It is at this point that Montenegro reveals the ‘secret’ that she has always carried with her, her eternal love for Ulloa. Love that was actually well known even if all the events had often broken that purity.

We loved and followed all the characters in a different way, from the first to the last each one left their mark. Do you remember Emilia? It played a central role. She is Raimundo’s adopted daughter and she is a beautiful and very sunny girl. After being deceived by the man who got her pregnant, she falls in love with Alfonso Castaneda. The latter in fact confesses his love for her and promises to raise the baby in her womb as if she were her daughter and so it happens. It’s been over a year since we last saw her, forget the actress like that, today she changed her look.

It’s Emilia Ulloa in Il Segreto: here is the actress today with her new look

In The Secret we have carefully followed all the characters, each one has left their mark in a different way. The soap opera itself captivated viewers and learning of its closure was a blow to all fans. One of the characters we loved is Emilia Ulloa.

When we met her she was very young. She is Raimundo’s adopted daughter. After being tricked by the man who got her pregnant she joins Alfonso Castaneda. Together with her father, she runs the family inn and only in the course of her events will she discover that in reality she is not Ulloa’s daughter. At the center of the attention of her plot is the story of her with Alfonso who fits perfectly into the events that the soap opera has brought to the stage. The secret has not been on the air for about a year since it ended in May 2021 in Italy, while in Spain a year earlier. We went to browse the actress’s instagram channel and we reveal that today she is completely different thanks to her new look.

the secret actress emilia
The secret, here’s the actress (credits: instagram)

Here it is with a new hair. Sandra Cervera has given us a break, now she’s wearing her hair much shorter than we have been following her in the soap opera for years. Of course, the style and make-up are also different in everyday life. Sandra is a beautiful and talented actress. Did you love her character?