Il Solito Dandy brings the poetics of disillusionment into the Puddles: the video

My new album will be released on April 1st “Turismo Sentimentale”, which revolves around three themes: the sea, sanctity and irony. These were the three main aspects that I found when I moved from Turin to Rome, the record, in fact, speaks of this new life and everything that this city has given me. Third and last chapter of this dreamy journey, “Pozzanghere” captures the focal point of the whole album, that is the poetics of disillusionment. If in the video clip of “Boh” the main themes of the album were presented such as sacredness (represented by the Golden Angel), irony (the White Clown) and sentiment / the sea (the Lobster Woman), which, Slowly, they vanished behind the fluttering sheets to represent the unanswered questions. In the video clip of “Thailand” we have the confrontation with the human being and masking. The Blue Man, who painting his face, like his beloved girl, does not realize that, in this game of chase and disguise, the two are much more human than they want to believe, but for this very reason I end up with not

create a real bond but a separation. All this projects the latter character into the the same limbo of sheets in which the first protagonists are found.

“Pozzanghere”, directed by Valerio Desirò, is the chapter of the resolution. Everyone is on a beach in the process of sunset, as in the most beautiful dreams the dramas and anxieties of the previous chapters seem to have dissolved into a ramshackle party of broken dishes, gramophones and spaghetti with tomato sauce. Each character finds his happiness and conviviality drags them into a decadent party bordering on the surreal. But even the most beautiful dreams, like fairy tales, have an end and, thus, in discovering the beauty of being able to dream of the sea in puddles, my figure as a narrator inside of this choral work, through the wonder, it becomes the protagonist. Everything is alone

an incredible and mysterious fantasy that is lost, greeting, on the horizon, like the sun, in a hello that seems to carry a great little emotion. Since each song on this record touches, differently, the theme of disillusionment, ma it also pushes us to approach the aspects of everyday life with the same wonder and surprise as they have tourists when they visit a new city. The ending, both of the album and of the video cycle, could only have that bittersweet taste that I like to find in those Italian neorealist films, where things neither collapse nor do they fix themselves, leaving a door open to the imagination and uncertainty of tomorrow. As in a magical surrealist dream without end which however carries within itself all the traits of what is the marvelous, decadent reality.