Il Volo, how the three tenors have changed over time: unrecognizable in this shot

Have you ever wondered how the three singers of Il Volo have changed over time? Check a click: they are unrecognizable.

Really crazy the performance of The flight during the Eurovision Song Contest, right? Although with one less singer because he tested positive at Covid a few hours before the performance, the musical group equally enchanted everyone with their skill.

How have the three singers of Il Volo changed? Credits: Instagram

Have you ever wondered, though, how have they changed over the years? It was exactly 2009 when the three very young singers took part in Antonella Clerici’s famous program individually. After that, everything happened! Not only the three very young tender have become a full-fledged musical group, but they have begun to collect more and more success and acclaim. To date they are very much loved and, without any doubt, among the most loved voices of our local music. Are you curious, however, to know how they were at their debut on TV? Today they are beautiful children, but how have they changed over the years?

How have the three young tenors of Il Volo changed? The shot of the past

We recently showed you their houses and we have described in detail some of the details that make them crazy, now you are curious to know how have the three very young tenors of Il Volo changed over the years? More than 10 years have passed since their debut and their climb to success and today Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio are three fantastic young men, but what was it like at the beginning of their career?

Sifting through their official channel a little, we were able to track down many shots that portray them today, but we couldn’t help but notice one that portrays them in “Ti leaves a song”, the Antonella Clerici program that determined the birth of their musical group. Are you curious to see them as they were then and how have they changed? Take a look at this shot:

the flight as they have changed
Credits: Instagram

Almost unrecognizable, right? On the other hand, we are talking about a shot from more than 10 years ago. And here the three very young tenors were just kids, but above all unaware that everything would change from that moment on.