Ilaria D’Amico, Rai’s decision on her program

Ilaria D’Amico ready to take a step back? Her What’s new was a flop and Rai is thinking of closing the show

Ilaria D’Amico is a journalist best known for her long stints at Sky. For pay television based in Lombardythe D’Amico she worked for 17 years, from 2003 to 2020. Until 2018 she was the presenter of Sky Soccer Showthe network’s flagship broadcast Murdoch. In the last two years, however, she has moved on to conducting the in-depth study on Champions League.

Rai’s decision on Ilaria D’Amico’s program – Credit: Instagram (Sologossip)

Today she came back Rai after twenty years. His beginnings are precisely with public television and date back to 1997, when Ilaria hosted La giostra del goal, another program related to football, his great passion. The journalist, born in Rome on August 30, 1973, has been on the air for the past few months a Rai Due with the program What’s newan in-depth study that dealt with all the topical issues of the last few weeks.

The evenings were nine but they didn’t have a great one I listen. The response was rather negative and Rai even decided not to extend the show into the next season.

Ilaria D’Amico, what will become of ‘What’s new’

What’s new is the broadcast conducted by Ilaria D’Amico between late October and early January. The show was not very followed by the public, the episode with the highest share was that of December 22, when the program reached 3.9%, reaching 559,000 viewers. These numbers have greatly disappointed the leaders of the Raiwho evidently expected much more from this prime time talk show.

D'Amico Ilaria
The Roman journalist Ilaria D’Amico in a recent shot (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

The program risked closing earlier but then it was brought in anyway complete regularly, also because the fees would still have been paid. According to reports from the newspaper The Republicin fact, in the Roman journalist’s contract there would be a clause that provides for the paymentalbeit to a lesser extent, of the fee even in the event of early termination or cancellation of the programme.

Many have wondered about the format of What’s new, a program that deals with current affairs, politics and economics through studio debates and interviews. During the presentation of the show, the D’Amico he had repeatedly repeated that his program would have wanted and should have been inspired by The barbarian invasionsOf Daria Bignardi. Even though it aired on A7, The barbarian invasions has been much more successful than What’s new and that’s why the Rai decided not to renew the show for a second season.