Ilaria De Rosa, the hostess arrested in Saudi Arabia: sentenced to six months

Ilaria De Rosa, the Italian hostess originally from the province of Treviso arrested in Saudi Arabia on charges – which she rejects – of possession of drugs, was sentenced to six months in prison. The sentence was pronounced today by a monocratic judge in the presence of the Italian consul general and his sister Laura. At the end of the six months, expulsion from the country is foreseen. An appeal can be made within 30 days of the filing of the sentence. De Rosa is being held in a facility 40 minutes from Jeddah and is in a bit of trouble, informed sources report, but her condition is good. It is now up to the hostess and her lawyers to decide whether to appeal against the sentence handed down today at the end of the council session which lasted about two hours. The other defendants involved were sentenced to one year and six months. Since the arrest, about 40 days ago, there have already been two consular visits to the prison. A third was requested immediately after the sentence was pronounced.

“We respect the judge’s decision, another consular visit is requested”

In compliance with the decision of the local judiciary, the Consulate General in Jeddah and the Italian Embassy in Riyadh, in close collaboration with the Farnesina, are providing all possible assistance to compatriot Ilaria De Rosa and her family. Immediately after the sentence – it is reported by sources in the Farnesina – another consular visit was requested to allow the sister of the compatriot to visit her.

He remains in prison under Saudi law

Ilaria De Rosa was arrested on May 4 during a party with Tunisian friends on the beach in Jeddah, after a check by the local police who found a joint hidden in her bra. The stewardess was sentenced to 6 months in prison for possession of drugs; she one year and six months the sentence imposed on the other three co-defendants. The young woman from Treviso remains in prison because Saudi law does not provide for the conditional suspension of the sentence, especially since the hostess has not been granted any extenuating circumstances. The sentence, should it become definitive, should also be served in a prison in the Arab country, since there are no jurisdictional agreements with Italy that allow the defendant to be transferred to a penitentiary in our country.