Ilaria Salis case, Meloni: “We can only ask for respect for dignity”

“Unlike what has often been written in Italy, in Hungary too there is the autonomy of the judges and let’s say the Governments do not participate in the trials. So this is not an object that I can talk about today with the Hungarian Prime Minister What I spoke about with the Hungarian Prime Minister, as I do for all Italians who are detained abroad, is to guarantee that our compatriots are obviously treated with dignity, respect and fair trial”. This was stated by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, at the press point at the end of the extraordinary EU summit regarding the situation of Ilaria Salis. “I would also like to say a quick trial, in the sense that I was struck by the fact that the closed and postponed hearing was clearly opened. I hope that perhaps something more can be done on this. For the rest, however, neither I nor Orban can enter today in the judgment that falls to the judiciary”, he added.

“8 billion ready for migrants”

“We asked for more resources on migrants and now there are 10 billion more and 8 are dedicated to the external dimension, that is, to working to prevent migratory flows” the prime minister said again. “There is a strategy that has clearly changed in Europe in the last year thanks to the Italian impulse that everyone here recognizes and I am happy that we have managed to convince ourselves of an absolutely pragmatic Italian position. There has been a lot of talk about the Italy-Africa summit, it is it was something that was of great interest and was considered by everyone to be a beautiful page of Italian and European foreign policy. We are the closest nation across the street and everyone understands the strategic role that Africa plays and thanks us for the work we are doing and which we will also bring to the G7 presidency. A work that is reflected in what is approved today, the 8 billion allocated to the external dimension which is used to address migration from a security but also development point of view”.

“EU was wrong about farmers”

“A lot of mistakes were made in Europe when ecological sustainability was supported without supporting social sustainability – said Meloni -. Of course in Italy we worked, we increased the Pnrr resources for the agricultural fund from 5 to 8 billion, we were committed on agrisolare, on supply chain contracts: we have done a job that is recognized by farmers. In some European countries farmers are protesting because subsidies on diesel fuel have not been extended: we have done so. I was political leader of EL Party that in the EU has voted against most of the issues now criticized by farmers. In Italy we have already done our best but European politics must be changed, I have asked for greater efforts to be made but a change of line may come after the European elections, hoping a different approach from the ideological one seen so far prevails.”

“Satisfied with the unitary EU solution on Kiev”

“It wasn’t easy, a solution at 26 was a problem, a dangerous precedent, we worked hard for a solution at 27 and we are very satisfied” said the prime minister on the issue of funds destined for Ukraine: “With Orban I worked trying to bring us to a point that would allow us not to divide Europe at a time like this. Because we have other problems in Europe, we need to know how to dialogue with everyone and I believe that what has happened in the last few hours demonstrates, which is what I have always maintained , that you cannot think of solving problems by talking to two or three people but you must have the ability to dialogue with everyone”, underlined Meloni.