Ilaria Salis, Nordio: “The Government will do everything possible but the Hungarian judges will be sovereign”

The Italian Minister of Justice: “We ensure respect for humanitarian rules”. The prisoner’s father: “President of the Republic, the last weapon”

For the case of Ilaria Salis “the State has done everything possible. Even more. We have over two thousand citizens in foreign prisons and we are taking action for each one, within the limits of the law”, underlined the Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, in a interview with Corriere della Sera where he specified that the parents of the girl, in prison in Budapest for almost a year on charges of having attacked right-wing extremists, “have never been alone. I met the father twice. And we moved with due diligence, as soon as the problem was presented to us. But our intervention has an insurmountable limit: the sovereignty of foreign jurisdiction”.

“The idea that a minister suggests to a judge how to act is sacrilegious”

Ilaria Salis’ father, continued the minister, “asked us to describe to the Hungarian judge the guarantees offered by the Italian State in the event of application of house arrest. It was an inadmissible request. If it had been a simple explanation, the magistrate could have respond that he also knew Italian law. If instead it had been a surreptitious request to convert the precautionary measure, it would have been interference. The idea that an Italian minister could suggest to a judge, Italian or foreign, how to behave would be seen , rightly, as a sacrilege.”

“We can only make sure that humanitarian rules are respected”

Regarding the possibility of requesting house arrest in the embassy, ​​the minister explained that this is “impossible. It is Italian territory, but it has neither the structure nor the legitimacy to replace a private home as a place of detention. If, in the abstract , a prisoner were to leave, he would commit the crime of escape punished by Italian law, but he would be arrested in Hungary which would have to hand him back to us. We would have an insoluble conflict of attributions, which has never occurred.” “The only thing we can and are doing is to ensure that humanitarian and European rules on detention are respected”, concludes the Keeper of the Seals.

Roberto Salis: “The President of the Republic is the last weapon”

Roberto Salis, Ilaria’s father, also gave an interview and on The print he said he was “furious” at the outcome of the meetings with ministers Nordio and Tajani. “It was disheartening for both of us. They left us completely alone. My daughter Ilaria risks spending a long time in that prison in Budapest. We will see the handcuffs on her wrists and the chains on her feet many more times.” After the face-to-face meeting with the two members of the government, Salis said: “We are reflecting. Plan A – obtaining help from the Italian government – has failed. Now we are studying alternative plans. The President of the Republic is the last weapon that remains”.

“Inadequate management by the government”

In Rome, Salis’ father and her lawyer had gone to ask the ministers for “two documents to support our request for house arrest in Italy. Those accompanying documents, signed by the ministers, would serve as a guarantee for the Hungarian government. But they denied both.” Then he said: “They told us that ours was an irregular request. A request that risked creating precedents. And then they said that it would also be an excusatio non petita.” The close relationship between Giorgia Meloni and Orban, according to Salis, cannot help in this case. “No, I don’t believe in these things. I believe that there is inadequate management for problems like this. I absolutely think so. In fact, I don’t believe that even with another government things would have changed much for Ilaria.”