Ilaria Salis, Salvini: “If guilty incompatible with teaching”

The minister: “You cannot see chains in court. We count on a fair and speedy trial.” Lega: “Teacher already on trial for assault on our gazebo in Monza in 2017”. The lawyer: “she was acquitted for not having committed the crime”

“It is essential to ask for civil, humane and respectful detention conditions, and a fair trial” for Ilaria Salis, the teacher detained in Hungary for a year in degrading conditions. She says it the leader of the League and vice-president of the Council Matteo Salviniin Brussels on the sidelines of a conference in the European Parliament, who adds: “I hope she proves innocent because, if she is found guilty, acts of violence can be attributed to a teacher elementary school, which manages the present and future of 6-7-8 year old children they would be absolutely serious“.

“The fact that he is also on trial in Italy for other episodes of violence and other attacks – he adds – is certainly unpleasant, however the chains in a courtroom certainly cannot be seen. Therefore the Italian government is right to ask for respect for the rights of someone who is presumed innocent, until proven guilty. Then, from the left, those who call for the independence of the judiciary in Italy, I imagine they have the same respect for the judiciaries of other European countries”. To the objection that in Hungary the public prosecution depends on the executive, as in France, Salvini responds: “We are counting on a fair and speedy trial, hoping for his innocence. If she were proven guilty, it would obviously be incompatible with teaching in an Italian primary school“, he concludes.

Lega: “Salis already on trial for assault on our gazebo in 2017”

“The images of Ilaria Salis chained in Hungary are shocking: her case offers the possibility of reflecting on the attitude of an EU member country, but not only. On 18 February 2017, in Monza, a League gazebo was attacked by dozens of violent people from the social centres, and the two girls present were attacked with insults and spitting by a large group of troublemakers. For those facts, Ilaria Salis ended up on trial, recognized by the League militants”. This is what we read in a note from the League.

“We hope that the woman, a teacher by profession and defined by the ever attentive Italian newspapers as ‘an idealist’, can prove herself innocent in all the proceedings that concern her”, they add from Via Bellerio. “Her vicissitudes in the courtrooms offer the opportunity to reiterate that the legitimate exercise of dissent can never lead to episodes of violence, especially if particularly hateful such as those carried out against defenseless young people attacked by a pack as happened in Monza “.

The lawyer: “Acquitted for not having committed the crime”

In reference to the Lega gazebo attacked in 2017 in Monzathe lawyer Eugenio Losco, one of the lawyers who assists Ilaria Salis, explains: “She was acquitted for not having committed the crime, as the prosecutor had also requested. Ilaria had participated in the procession but that action was carried out by other people”.

The Northern League member Crippa: “Beyond the bad images, she doesn’t look like a schoolgirl”

“Beyond the ugly images of a person chained in a court and the necessary commitment to guarantee respect for rights, Ilaria Salis does not seem like a schoolgirl. In addition to the trial in Hungary, another legal problem arises due to an attack on some militants of the Lega. Before the left and its newspapers transform her into Mother Teresa, can we know if this teacher also has other precedents?”. Thus the deputy secretary of the League Andrea Crippa returns to the case after yesterday’s comment.