Ilaria Salis, the father: “Treatment not like a human being, tortured for 35 days”

The words to ‘Quarta Repubblica’ by Roberto Salis, father of the Italian woman detained in Hungary who appeared in the Chamber today with chains on her wrists and ankles

Ilaria Salis, detained since last year in a Hungarian prison accused of beating up neo-Nazi extremists and who appeared in the Chamber today in Budapest with chains on her wrists and ankles, risks prison for up to 24 years. “I – he explains father Roberto Salis to Fourth Republic – I last saw my daughter before this occasion on November 26th. I learned of the conditions to which she is subjected on October 12, when we read a letter from Ilaria sent to the lawyers which was sent to the Embassy and contained these conditions which I was unaware of. My daughter was arrested on February 11th, it was 7 months with the only contacts through her lawyers and the Italian Embassy, a treatment not like a human being happened until we saw this letter and were able to witness this unspeakable scene for the first time today”, the comment of the Italian teacher’s father.

“My daughter was arrested in a taxi the day after the events for having attacked, causing serious injuries with danger of death, despite the fact that the people were judged to be recoverable in 5-8 days and furthermore she is accused of belonging to a criminal organization that carried out similar acts in Germany from 2017 to 2020, the documents of which, transmitted to the Hungarian judge, are contained in around 800 pages in German and my daughter’s name does not appear even once. My daughter was tortured for 35 days, 8 days she was left with dirty clothes. She was in isolation cell for 8 days without toilet paper, soap and sanitary napkins and had her period. Before the embassy delivered her a package with the necessary items, 35 days passed in which my daughter had to use one of the clothes she was wearing to dry herself from the shower because she had no towels.”

“My daughter in one year I think she has aged ten, they are making me waste away. My daughter declares she is not aware of the facts. You have no connection with this criminal organization as you claim. Ever done anything like this? My daughter is a political activist, she has had contact with the justice system for resisting a public official, but precedents are so minor that they do not prevent her from being a teacher.”

“I will see the ambassador after 11 months,” he explains, adding: “I counted at least four hearings, maybe five, where embassy workers went to watch and didn’t lift a finger.. Today I finally managed to bring a television crew to the hearing. The embassy did not work well“he stressed.