Ilaria Salis, who is she because she has been detained for 11 months in Hungary

The Hungarian prosecutor’s office has requested 11 years of prison for Ilaria Salis. The 39-year-old anti-fascist militant is accused of having participated in the attack of two neo-Nazis during a counter-demonstration in Budapest on 11 February 2023. On that date, the ‘Day of Honour’, a rally is held attended by the “nostalgic” of Hitler. But, underlines his lawyer Gyorgy Magyar, “There is no evidence” against the teacher from Monza, who has been in prison in Budapest for eleven months: in fact, the judges’ no to house arrest dates back to last June. Meanwhile, yesterday’s hearing, in which the woman appeared in chains hand and foot, was adjourned until May 24th.

The accusation

In the courtroom – where in addition to Salis, two other co-defendants were present, a German man and a woman – the prosecutor presented the 39-year-old as the main defendant, who allegedly participated in multiple attacks causing aggravated bodily harm, in “criminal association” with two people. Shortly before, the magistrate had exposed the indictment which led to the indictment, according to which the accused were part of a left-wing extremist organisation, formed in Germany and composed mainly of young people who, in addition to taking part in rallies and demonstrations, they planned to fight with physical attacks against far-right sympathizers of neo-Nazi and neo-fascist ideology.

The doubts

“The very fact that she was present at the attacks in question, or that she intervened when meeting the neo-Nazis is in doubt – the defense lawyer underlined -. The prosecutor’s referral is unfounded and there is no evidence even for the conspiracy, we will present our evidence”.

A “prison and procedural situation that violates our laws”, said his lawyer Eugenio Losco, present in the courtroom. Also because “Ilaria declared herself not guilty but explained that she had never been able to read the documents, which were never translated to her, and that she had not yet seen the images on which the accusation is essentially based. And therefore she reported of not being able to present any brief, which is admitted in the Hungarian trial”.

Different choice for the other German co-defendant, who pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 3 years in prison.


The 39-year-old “is treated like a dangerous international terrorist” observed Magyar, recalling her “detention under strict surveillance, the prevention of contact with her family and the Italian authorities for a long time”. For the teacher’s father, Roberto Salis, it is an “incredible and unfair situation”. “In those days there were attacks by Nazi-fascists against anti-fascists and people who were in their way. But – he observed – they were freed in two days. Anti-fascists in Hungary are not welcome and are hit unequally”.