Ilary Blasi and Totti met: what happened in a very short time

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti met, no one would have expected it would happen in such a short time: what happened

The news of the separation between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi it was certainly one of those that has received the most hype in the gossip news of the last few weeks. The former pupone and the former tissue of Passaparola, have left. In fact, as Alfonso Signorini himself said in Simona Ventura’s program, the news of the end of their relationship is pure lymph for gossip!

Totti and Ilary, the meeting (Credits: Instagram)

The news that none of us could and wanted to believe had, after all, its foundation of truth. Despite the denial a few months earlier, the two then decided to put a stop to their marriage. Immediately after the news disclosed, the showgirl and TV presenter chose well to fly away from the media boom that obviously received the incredible news. She flew, together with her children and her sister Silvia, to Tanzania. There was no lack of unpublished shots in which the presenter of L’Isola dei Famosi appeared in full shape, as always beautiful. Returning from Africa, the holidays for Ilary Blasi are not over yet and in fact some social shots published on her official Instagram profile, see her immortalized at the sea, in Sabaudia.

And it is in Sabaudia that Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti they would meet. However, it would have been a brief and indeed lightning-fast meeting, what happened?

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, after the announcement of the breakup, the meeting in Sabaudia: what happened

Since after the announcement of the separation, we do not know if Ilary Blasi and her ex-husband Francesco Totti have met on other occasions. We know that the presenter flew to Africa to dedicate herself to herself and her family and that on her return she then moved to Sabaudia, in the villa by the sea, precisely in Villa Volpi. It is precisely in Sabaudia, however, that the two would have seen each other.

From what we read in the Corriere in fact, the former couple would have met in Sabaudia because apparently after Ilary’s stay in the beach house in the well-known seaside resort, it would now be the turn of the former captain of Rome to stay there. Therefore, it is said that between the two there was a simple and cold exchange of keys to then turn an apathetic greeting. Then the two turned their backs on each other and went their own way.

totti ilary
Ilary and Totti, the meeting in Sabaudia (Credits: Instagram)

Compared to Ilary Blasi who in recent weeks, as and when he wanted, has documented his holidays on social media, the former pupone has kept in strict secrecy the way in which he has spent and is spending his holidays. Now he would be, until August 15, in Sabaudia together with his two daughters and the servants of the house.