Ilary Blasi and Totti: this ‘gesture’ would mean a ‘declaration of war’

Ilary Blasi and Totti: this ‘gesture’ could mean a real ‘declaration of war’.

It’s been weeks since the separation of Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti is on everyone’s lips. The presenter announced it first followed by the words of the former Roma captain. It seemed to be a couple destined to last but there is no happy ending. According to what emerged, Totti has another woman in his life, Noemi Bocchi.

Ialry-Totti: gesture (credits. Instagram9

The Weekly Who specified that the two would have started dating last year, after meeting at a padel match. Ilary would have discovered everything by chance. Her daughter Isabel on her return home would have told her that she had met new friends, actually Noemi’s children. The former footballer would then have removed the management of social networks from the host’s sister, so after putting together some pieces, doubts arise.

At this point, again as reported by the weekly, he would have decided to hire an investigator. After the announcement she has never stopped in one place, she traveled a lot, first in Tanzania, then returned to Sabaudia, to spend a few days in Cortina and finally in Croatia, by boat. In the last few hours, new details have emerged on the Ilary-Totti relationship. There is talk of a ‘gesture’ by the presenter which could mean a real ‘declaration of war’.

Ilary Blasi-Totti: the presenter’s ‘gesture’ could open a ‘declaration of war’

Ilary Blasi has traveled a lot in recent weeks. You spent the last few days before returning to Rome in Croatia by boat. He has always updated his followers on the movements he made, showed the new hairstyle and also the manicure, simple but that highlighted the tan.

On Totti, on the other hand, a lot of news has circulated, in reference to his relationship with Noemi Bocchi. Compared to the presenter it was less social, but the silence on the web has been canceled by numerous paparazzi and news that saw him as the protagonist. Among the various voices, there was also talk of a possible gesture by Ilary which could mean a ‘declaration of war’ for the player. In fact, there was talk of a possible interview of the presenter with Silvia Toffanin’s microphones at Verissimo. Rumor has it that he could tell everything in the channel 5 studio and bring out the whole truth. Well, if so, everything could change.

ilary blasi and totti
Ilary-Totti: news (credits. Instagram)

If in recent months the ex couple has started the divorce proceedings in a peaceful way with Ilary’s ‘move’, the separation would no longer be so peaceful. As La Repubblica says and as revealed by people close to the former captain, if this interview were to be there, Totti would see it as a breaking point at the start of the divorce in a peaceful way. Obviously these are just rumors. The break between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti continues to make people talk.