Ilary Blasi, as he would have discovered everything: the move that no one expected

Ilary Blasi, as he would have discovered everything: the move of the presenter that no one expected.

For days we have talked about nothing else, Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti are no longer a couple. The presenter was the first to make it known through an Ansa statement in which she explained that her marriage with Totti had ended after 17 years and three wonderful children.

Ilary Blasi, truth (credits: instagram)

Soon after came the words of the former Roma captain. In the message he says he tried to overcome the crisis of his marriage but he understood that the choice of separation, even if painful, was no longer avoidable. After her announcement, Ilary left for Tanzania with her children and spent a few days away from Italy. She has always been active on her social networks where through her instagram stories she showed some of the places where she stopped and her looks from the sea.

Totti also appeared immediately after the announcement of the breakup, the first images see him playing padel. In these days, however, the gossip has done nothing but ignite, there has been talk of third people who have become part of their life. In particular, the name of Noemi Bocchi was mentioned, the woman who would have started a relationship with Totti and there is even talk of a real relationship. There is a lot of news about it, there has been talk of coexistence but let’s be clear they are only indiscretions. The fact is that this woman has a name and a face and really exists in the life of the former Roma captain since some photos have also emerged together published by the weekly Chi and initially by Dagospia. But now a new truth has come, so Ilary would find out everything.

Ilary Blasi, so he would have discovered everything: the move of the presenter that no one expected

The announcement of the separation of Ilary Blasi and Totti left the audience speechless. They seemed destined to be a couple forever but apparently this is not always the case, it happens for ordinary people and it happens for the characters of the entertainment world. These days we talk about nothing else.

The former couple is at the center of public attention and it seems that the news about them and this breakup is not stopping. A few hours ago a new truth has arrived, reported by the weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini. According to Who Ilary would have found out about her ex-husband’s dating with Noemi. If before we talked about a relationship of the presenter with a young man, now the situation seems to have reversed. In fact, the newspaper claims that Ilary even hired a private investigator.

ilary blasi discovered everything
Ilary Blasi, truth (credits: instagram)

Totti would have done a strange action and would have led to the suspicions of the host: “At some point Totti would have taken away the management of Ilary’s sister of her social networks”. Furthermore, Who goes into details, telling that Noemi and Francesco would have met at a Padel match. They begin a relationship that seems to have been kept secret by the friends of the former captain and by the city itself. When Dagospia threw the bomb at the beginning of 2022, the weekly explains that the presenter of The Island of the Famous would have asked Totti, receiving a firm denial. It is at the beginning of March that Ilary tries to discover the truth, when her daughter Isabel returns home, telling her mother that she has met two new friends, actually Noemi’s children. And it is at this point that he decides to hire a private investigator. When Chi publishes the photos of Totti and Noemi, for the presenter it is only the confirmation of what she had already discovered.

This would be the truth reported by the weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini.