Ilary Blasi eats it raw: the public is speechless, he really did it

Ilary Blasi eats it raw: the audience is speechless, he really did it; the Instagram stories of the presenter do not go unnoticed.

Ilary Blasi decided not to publicly reply to the river interview given by Francesco Totti to Il Corriere della Sera. The presenter limited herself to letting it be known that the protection of her children comes first and that everyone is responsible for their own actions. And she, on Instagram, she continued to share with her lei fans moments of his everyday life.

Ilary Blasi (Instagram Credits)

At the outbreak of the media storm that followed the announcement of the separation, Ilary decided to disconnect from everything and everyone, flying to Africa with her children. There, the presenter shared several images of her vacation, as she did later, during her stay in the Dolomites. Even back in Rome, the beloved presenter of the island keeps in touch with her fans, showing little moments of his days and some details of her look. And, on the day of the release of the interview with the former Roma captain, Ilary shared his Sunday with his numerous followers. Also showing something he loves to eat …

Ilary Blasi on Instagram: the presenter shows herself while eating something ‘special’

Ilary Blasi’s social response to Totti’s words to Il Corriere della Sera was not long in coming. The host continued to keep her line of hers and, even that morning, she used Instagram, showing her fans some moments of her Sunday. A Sunday full of love: Ilary showed everyone his grandmother, intent on preparing homemade fettuccine, which he will cook with a porcini mushroom sauce. A very sweet scene, which was followed by a very curious video.

In the next story, Ilary has indeed confessed to love to eat raw pasta. And, in the selfie video, she immortalized herself just as enjoy the freshly prepared fettuccine to Grandma’s. And, judging by his expression, the product is really delicious. The images intrigued the fans, as it is not quite usual to eat pasta before cooking it: have you ever tasted it?

ilary blasi eats
Ilary on Instagram (Instagram Credits)

And, apparently, fans will have to be content with seeing Ilary only on social media in the coming months. Although for months there has been talk of a hypothetical interview with the presenter in the living room of her friend and colleague Silvia Toffanin, neither Ilary Blasi nor Francesco Totti are among the first guests of the new edition of Verissimo. “Neither is currently expected“Revealed Silvia Toffanin interviewed on Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni. According to the latest rumors, Ilary would have decided to stay away from the small screen for quite some time, and then return directly to the air at the helm of the next edition of L’isola dei Famosi on Canale 5. she Will it really be like this?