Ilary Blasi gives in to the ‘touch up’: which part of the body he wanted to change

Ilary Blasi is a loved and talked about television personality, the official news on the retouching made the haters talk even more.

Speak about Ilary Blasi it is one of the things that most fans and haters of the presenter love to do in this last period. From social media, tabloids and any means of communication is talking about her and the break with Francesco Totti. They said goodbye after 20 years of love, a family, and many memories together. Among the shocking news, it seems to be changed something else aesthetically. The tweak is truth, that’s what came out.

Ilary Blasi (Credits: @ilaryblasi) Sologossip

One of the longest-lasting love stories has closed its doors, and so is a strong and independent woman like Ilary Blasi it needs its space. To find balance and above all herself, because 20 years of relationship are not forgotten overnight, perhaps it will never happen. So, she has decided to spend time doing the things she loves the most, and which above all make her feel good. Among these is the aesthetic change officialized.

Ilary Blasi and the touch-up revealed, out the truth!

There is a lot of talk about her hobbies and the events in which she participates, all eyes are on her and her ex-husband, Er pupone most loved by Romans and Italians. Thus, the separation came after what was a crisis not overcome. Of course, in many years they will have lived others, and it is not so easy to live a life like theirs constantly under the media pillory. At the moment, they are only united by children, because they are taking steps to separate everything they have in common.

Travel, outings with friends, including Michelle Hunziker to which he introduces his new partner, who seems to be German and whose name we know only, Sebastian, and personal care has become his way of process the breakup. On the other hand, no matter how famous she is, she is always a human being in flesh and blood, and lives feelings like anyone else. She has decided to take care of herself and she does it by going to the gym and with a touch up not appreciated by all.

Ilary Blasi touch up
Ilary Blasi treatment (Credits: @ilaryblasi) Sologossip

Haters will get their money’s worth. Used to being criticized, especially for cosmetic surgery, she herself decided to tell how much she decided to retouch. The lip of the presenter are already very buxom, but the choice to do the treatment of a aesthetic tattoo which highlights its shapes, making them more fleshy, reported it from his official Instagram profile, telling all his followers, step by step. Lips will become much smoother and more natural-looking over time.