Ilary Blasi how he set the table for Christmas: different from the usual

Ilary Blasi shocks again, because the news are countless in his life. The last event at Christmas, changes everything.

Lately, Ilary Blasi and her handsome Bastian they are center stage. Inevitably also the ex-husband and historical companion, Francesco Totti with his girlfriend Naomi Bocchiare brought into play. The air of novelty overwhelms the former Totti-Blasi family, not only in regards to new relationships going on, but there really are so many changes, that even the little things end up changing everything. The old year should be thrown away, but also the habits?

Ilary Blasi (Credits: @ilaryblasi)- Sologossip

Ilary Blasi she hasn’t really commented on the love affairs that concern her. Undoubtedly some social media messages from her, hers online activity with increasingly frequent photos and posts, and social media paparazzi are inevitably information for which fans put “two and two”, or simply elaborate considerations which they end up carrying completely new news. The presenter took a break from TV, but not from her private life which she continues to upset.

Ilary Blasi and the Christmas news, everything changes for the VIP

Who would have thought that even the smallest gesture of the presenter, would have upset the fans. Undoubtedly her moves have also ended up creating hypotheses and possibilities stories about what he experienced with his new partner. It’s useless to go around it, people want to know! Bastian Muller Pettenpohl is among the most clicked names on search engines, but what is said about him is not so well known. There is so much mystery and confidentiality around the figure of the new official companion of one of the leading conductors Mediaset.

Finally, as already mentioned, the same presenter ends up enriching the details “partly simple and unimportant” his life. But ultimately they look like gods clear signals. The old gives space to the new even in such everyday situations, which however undoubtedly launch a important message. Here’s how he decided to set the table for Christmas, the choice is a bit particular.

Ilary Blasi at Christmas
Ilary Blasi (Credits: @ilaryblasi)- Sologossip

Ilary Blasi did everything change at Christmas, do the typical customs of Lazio leave room for an air of the Continent that perhaps refers to your new relationship? The ccouple Ilary and Bastian was and still is a source of curiosity for fans who want to know everything about the presenter’s new man. For over twenty years, audiences have seen her alongside Francesco Totti, Er Pupone who is a Romanist doc. She had never set the table like this with him. Bastian has arrived and between the courses, the cutlery, and the festivities, he has decided to do not put a discounted item for many, but which in this case is considered “optional”.

Ilary Blasi informs fans directly from his official Instagram profile and with a very special 24-hour story. He sets the table, but no tablecloth! It’s a custom and a style he had never chosen, but this time: everything changes.