Ilary Blasi, how much he would have asked for alimony from Totti and what he would have replied

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti discuss alimony through the lawyers: what she would have asked for and what he would have answered

It has been more than 2 months now that the couple Blasi-Tottiofficially no longer exists. Their relationship, however, had come to an end long ago according to the stories revealed by the former pupone in the interview with Corriere della Sera. At the moment, the situation between the two, however, is said to be rather tense in particular due to the legal issue related to divorce.

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti: the question of food (Credits: Instagram-Youtube)

For some time now, since that official statement from Ansa that made public the end of their marriage, the two have interceded through their lawyers. And in recent weeks there would be discussions about the separation between the two ex-husband and wife. Initially it would have been thought of a consensual separation. However, the prerequisites for the latter would actually seem to be lacking. First of all because the presenter of the Island of the Famous would have advanced to the ex-husband a request considered by the same and by his lawyers rather small to support. Therefore, without an agreement between the two, things do not go well or in any case they would not turn out to be easy at all. In this regard, it is the Corriere della Sera who explained how things would be. Let’s find out more.

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti: the presenter’s request to the former pupone

From time to time, details emerge about the finished story between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi. After the statements of the former footballer al Corriere della Serawe could well understand that the love between the two was wrecked long before the news was actually made public.

The end of the marriage between the former Roma captain and the former Passaparola tissue has certainly caught the attention of many. There would have been talk for the two of a consensual separation. However, to date, according to what would have emerged, there would be no conditions at all to lead the two to reach an agreement. The reason?

It would appear that the Ilary Blasi’s request advanced to her ex-husband, she would have been deemed by him and his lawyers indeed difficult to please. To explain it, it is the Corriere della Sera that would have made it known in detail that Ilary Blasi would have asked Totti for 20 thousand euros for her, which are added to the alimony for their 3 children. But she would not have ended here because apparently, the TV presenter would have asked her lawyers to recover the bags that Francesco Totti kept with him after the alleged theft of the Rolexes that had been talked about earlier.

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What Totti would have replied to Ilary’s request (Credits: Instagram)

Well, 20 thousand euros for the host and 17,500 euros of alimony for their three children, would lead the former footballer to shell out an amount equal to 35 thousand euros per month. But Francesco Totti would not have thought twice about making a ‘counter-proposal’ to her ex-wife: zero euros for her and 7,000 euros per month of alimony for their children. This would have been his proposal as it would have been assumed that Ilary Blasi earns more money than her ex-husband. Coming full circle at this point seems rather difficult. What do you think will happen now?