Ilary Blasi New Year’s dream: how much does a room cost in the resort where you enjoy your holidays

Ilary Blasi’s New Year’s Eve was stellar but how much does a room cost in the wonderful resort where you enjoy your holiday? Mind-boggling numbers!

By now left behind what was her longest love story, Ilary Blasi decided to spend the New Year’s away from the worldliness of the capital to move in a dream place in which he started his new year! Ilary Blasi’s 2023 begins with a bang: you know how much is a room in the resort in which are you enjoying these first days of the new year?

Ilary Blasi in Bangkok (Credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

The well-known and historic presenter of Le Iene has certainly not gone unnoticed on social media these days. From the looks flaunted for festive occasions to the dream scenarios shared on her official Instagram account, Ilary Blasi is certainly a face that does not escape the spotlight! Although until now it was over for the marriage ended with the ex pupone, the showgirl and TV presenter has now moved on. And so, having packed his suitcase, Ilary Blasi is flew to Bangkok to spend his dream New Year’s Eve. Alone or in company? We don’t know, but it has been rumored for some time that the presenter was thinking of spending the New Year with her new love. Will she have gone exactly like this? In the meantime, however, have you noticed how chic and luxurious the resort where she spends her stay? You will never imagine how much it costs: mind-boggling figures!

Ilary Blasi, New Year’s Eve in Thailand: how much does a night in a dream resort cost

The end of 2022 has put a stop to what have been the events that have affected us over the course of these months Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti. To date, the two, now ex, are joined by new partners. Francesco Totti on the occasion of the new year has chosen Honduras together with Naomi Bocchi to spend these holidays, while Ilary Blasi flew to Bangkok perhaps together with hers Bastian? After the Christmas holidays spent with his family, Ilary Blasi decided to switch off a little to indulge and enjoy pure relaxation by flying directly to the other side of the world, directly to Thailand. Dream places, wonderful places, but by the way.. How much is the magnificent resort where the presenter is enjoying her beloved relaxation?

Ilary blasi new year's eve
Ilary Blasi: wonderful holidays (Credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

And the Lebua Hotels and Resorts the prestigious structure that houses the beautiful Roman presenter who in these hours has shared on social networks, in her Instagram Stories, shots in which she shows herself intent on enjoying the holidays. But what caught her attention besides the real beauty of her is the scenery that appears behind her. Scenario that identifies the dream place where you are enjoying the start of the new year. There are several rooms, exclusively suites, offered to customers of the well-known resorts. How much would it cost to stay there for one night?

Over 179 suites to choose from offering panoramic views of beautiful Bangkok. It would start from a minimum of 250 euros per night for a room with 1 double bed. But the spaces then expand into the suites that have more bedrooms and other luxury services that significantly increase the figure per night up to almost 3 thousand euros!