Ilary Blasi, no one would ever imagine what mum’s job is: totally different from hers

No one would ever imagine what job Ilary Blasi’s mother does, totally different from the TV presenter: that’s what it is

She is a famous presenter, while her mother does a totally different job from hers. It is really hard to imagine. We are sure none of you know him. But if you are curious, keep reading the article and you will find out.

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What work does Ilary Blasi’s mother do? Totally different from hers (Source: Instagram)

What work does Ilary Blasi’s mother do

Ilary Blasi is one of the most famous presenters of Italian television, as well as being the wife of Francesco Totti, former flag of AS Roma. He has conducted very successful programs, from “Le Iene” to “Big Brother Vip”, up to the reality show of “The Island of the Famous“. In 2006 she also hosted the Sanremo Festival together with Giorgio Panariello. He has almost always worked for the Biscione network, except for the brief Sanremo parenthesis.

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Blasi was born in Rome on April 28, 1981 by Roberto Blasi e Daniela Serafini. THE parents they are both originally from Frontone, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. It was her father who chose her name, as he was a lover of the western genre and Ilary was a well-known protagonist of a western film. The Blasi also has three sisterswith whom he has a beautiful bond.

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We know almost everything about Ilary, being a public figure, while we know little about mom, Daniela Serafini. The parents of the famous TV host take privacy on their own private life. We know, however, what the profession of Blasi’s mother is. If Ilary, in fact, has chosen to take the path of the world of entertainment, her mother, before her, has chosen a totally different world.


Daniela Serafini, in fact, she is a vigilante and is totally alien to the entertainment world and above all far from the spotlight. The difference between Ilary and her mother, however, stops at the profession. The two women, in fact, are very similar, indeed, really two drops of water.

Ilary and her mother Daniela are truly splendid, but beauty really seems like a family gift. Blasi’s father, Roberto, is also a handsome man. The same can be said with the sisters.