Ilary Blasi receives a new golden tapir: “Fresco fresco”, what ever happened?

Just a few moments ago, Ilary Blasi showed his supporters that he had received a golden tapir: but what ever happened?

We are close to Christmas. And, you know, this is the time of year for gifts, sweet thoughts and much more. What, however, received a few moments Ilary Blasi it is something completely unexpected.

Ilary Blasi receives a new golden tapir: what happened? Photo Source: Instagram

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Hold tight, because what we are about to tell you is truly incredible. Months after the last visit of Valerio Staffelli, the splendid one Ilary Blasi received a new golden tapir. You read that right, yes! To reveal it, it was the direct interested party on her social channel. Through a series of Instagram Stories uploaded to her official social channel, the presenter did not miss an opportunity to be able to show what happened to her a few moments before. “Fresh fresh”, Ilary Blasi said accompanying this IG Stories.

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Ilary Blasi receives a new tapir: what happened?

Very active on her official social channel, Ilary Blasi we know very well that she never misses an opportunity to share everything with her beloved audience. It is precisely for this reason that, just a few moments ago, he could not at all help but involve his supporters in a visit that was as unexpected as it was surprising.

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As shown by the images uploaded to his official social channel, Ilary Blasi received the dear visit of Valerio Staffelli, historical correspondent of Striscia la Notizia known for being the sender of the mythical golden tapirs. Well: what ever happened? The answer is really very simple: Ilary Blasi has received a new golden tapir! Hard to believe, we realize it, but that’s it! “Fresh fresh”, Blasi wrote to accompany these IG Stories. At this point, however, the question arises: what ever happened? Or, better said, what has the host ever done to deserve a new tapir? At the moment, we don’t know! One thing, however, is certain: he has plenty of them at home! And the following images prove it to us.

Ilary Blasi tapir
Photo Source: Instagram

He would never have expected such a Christmas present, we are sure! We just have to follow the episodes of Striscia la Notizia to find out what happened. We will see some good ones!