Ilary Blasi stops in front of the Rolex window: the gesture does not go unnoticed

Ilary Blasi stops in front of the Rolex window, but makes a gesture that has by no means gone unnoticed: what just happened.

Although several months have passed since Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti announced their separation, the world of gossip can not help but continue to talk about them. On the other hand, their farewell froze everyone!

Ilary Blasi IG. Credits: Instagram

If immediately after the end of his marriage, Francesco Totti has entrenched himself behind a social silence, Ilary Blasi was not at all of his same opinion. Whether it was photos of her from her holidays, style tips or beauty secrets, the Roman presenter has never missed an opportunity to be able to show herself to her supporters. A choice as ‘unusual’ as it is courageous, which underlines the strength of mind of the Roman beloved.

Waiting for the return to the small screen, Ilary Blasi continue to enjoy the beauties of his city. Until a few hours ago, she showed up in a gym suit while she was exercising. Now, however, she has shown herself in front of the window Rolex. What’s strange, you would say. Well, actually nothing, but it was during the great watch exhibition that the presenter made a gesture that did not go unnoticed.

Ilary Blasi in front of the Rolex window makes a gesture that has not gone unnoticed: have you seen?

Anyone who loves Francesco Totti knows very well that the former pupone has always had a passion for luxury watches and, above all, for Rolex. Do you remember, in fact, when the footballer said that his ex-wife, in the company of his father, took away his entire collection? A decidedly incredible revelation, which caused quite a stir at the time. To date, several weeks after Totti’s interview with Il Corriere della sera, the latest IG Story by Ilary Blasi. After dedicating some time to herself, the Roman presenter has recovered on the streets of Rome in front of the Rolex window.

So far so good, we could say, right? What captures the most attention, however, is the gesture that Ilary Blasi makes with his supporters. Not only, in fact, she takes off her glasses by herself and glances at the camera, but she makes a movement with her hands that suggests that she is referring to the story told by her ex-husband to Il Corriere della evening. Furthermore, if we consider that in this last IG Story Blasi has tagged both Striscia the news and the good Totti and Francesca Manzini, we cannot help but think that we must expect something.

blasi rolex
IG Story by Ilary Blasi. Credits: Instagram

What will Ilary Blasi mean with this gesture? And most importantly, why did she tag her ex-husband? We will find out!