Ilary Blasi, the decision after the breakup with Totti: friends reveal why

After breaking up with Totti, Ilary Blasi made a decision that absolutely did not go unnoticed: friends reveal why.

We speak only of her, indeed of them: Francesco Totti ed Ilary Blasi. A little less than a month ago, the two announced the end of their marriage with two distinct and separate notes on Ansa, but since that moment they have captured the center of the gossip. What happened? Why, after almost 20 years and three children, did the most loved couple choose to say goodbye? Maybe! These days, everything has been said about them, but only they know the reality.

Blasi decision. Credits: Instagram

As soon as the end of her marriage was announced, Ilary Blasi chose to leave Italy and leave with her three children for Tanzania. A decision that he left speechless, but which made it clear how much the presenter wanted to pull the plug and ‘escape’ from all the media chaos that would have been created. For the holiday, as it should be, the presenter spared no expense at all. In the same way, though, she didn’t hold back from sharing some of her unforgettable moments. In short, it is as if her audience had also gone to Tanzania with her. In these last hours, however, there is a ‘particular’ decision taken after the break with Totti which is causing a lot of discussion. Only now, however, his friends explain everything to Di Più.

Ilary Blasi’s decision causes ‘discussion’: only now does the reason appear

After break with Francesco Totti, many have noticed the decision that Ilary Blasi she took: she never missed an opportunity to be very active on her official social channel. As soon as the separation is announced, in fact, the presenter manages to share everything that happens to her. Not only that, therefore, she usually shows off her screaming outfits – and just recently we told you about her costume that she left everyone speechless – but she too is used to sharing snaps of her vacation. Sabaudia. In short, unlike her ex-husband, the beautiful Blasi is one of the most active users of Instagram. What, however, lies behind this decision? According to what is learned from some friends, it would seem that – behind this gesture – there is a very specific reason.

According to Ilary Blasi’s friends, it would seem that the presenter is so active on Instagram not to give an image of herself. The ex-wife of Francesco Totti, therefore, would not at all want to sympathize with her supporters and she wants to show herself to them always strong. “She is a tough woman and she wants to let the whole world know”, we read on Di Più.

blasi breaking totti
Ilary poses. Credits: Instagram

What do you think of this decision by Ilary Blasi? Would you have reacted this way too?