Ilary Blasi, this time the indiscretion concerns you: a new chapter would be added

A new chapter would be added to the ‘saga’ of Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti: this time there is an indiscretion on the presenter.

For weeks, absolute protagonists of gossip, Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti continue to be talked about. If so far a lot has been said about the alleged liaison between the former Roma captain and his new flame Noemi, there are not many rumors about the TV presenter. Now, however, a truly sensational one appears that would shuffle all the cards.

Ilary Blasi shock indiscretion (Credits: Instagram)

The latest news on the ex-married couple spoke of their glacial meeting in Sabaudia, where they spent years together in their beach house. Francesco joined his daughters Isabel and Chanel who until then had been with their mother. According to rumors, such coldness would have characterized the atmosphere between the ex-spouses on that occasion.

According to what it reveals The messengerNoemi Bocchi would have arrived in the beautiful Lazio town and would have rented it a house in San Felice Circeo with the children born of her marriage to her ex-husband.

The question that many are asking now, however, is: Would Ilary have an interest in another man? There is no evidence of this, but in the last few hours a source of the weekly New doubt has insinuated it. “Ilary would have a very strong sympathy for a dear friend of the ex”, reports the well-known newspaper.

New flame also for Ilary Blasi? The indiscretion goes around the web

The rumor that the blonde former Letterina would like to be interested in another man was also reported by the weekly Diva and Donna: according to what we read in the well-known magazine, Blasi’s new flame would live in Milan. In this period on the history between the Pupone and the Mediaset presenter they really talked about all colors: there are even those who claim that their marriage would have ended long before the official announcement and that the two had lived apart for some time.

According to this indiscretion, the two would have been an open couple linked by a pact that obliged both to lead their respective lives with the utmost secrecy. Not only that: the reason for Ilary’s anger would be due precisely to the fact that Totti got caught with Noemi in public.

Ilary indiscretion
Ilary Blasi, unbelievable! (Credits: Instagram)

At the time of ascertaining there is nothing on Blasi’s current love life: keep following us to stay up to date on the soap that is keeping all of Italy in suspense!