Ilary Blasi, unexpected ‘reaction’ to the media boom on separation

In the midst of the media cyclone of these hours on the separation from Francesco Totti, Ilary Blasi had a truly astounding ‘reaction’.

The shocking news of the separation of Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti it was a bolt from the blue for so many. With the end of their marriage, one of the most beautiful tales of love that the world of Italian entertainment and football has ever told comes to an end.

Ilary Blasi, shock ‘reaction’ after separation (Credits: Rai Play)

The announcement through two press releases to ANSA anticipated a few hours earlier by Dagospiahas left everyone stunned especially in light of the denials made in recent months by those directly concerned about the rumors that they wanted them in full marital crisis.

Given the popularity of both, it is not difficult to imagine the amount of news that follows one another without stopping in these hours: a real media boom made up of indiscretions, scoops, insinuations and real or alleged background. Everyone is wondering what ever really happened between them, what will be the causes of a chasm so large that it can no longer be filled.

A situation that certainly distorts the lives of ordinary people, let alone if they are real idols of TV and sports like them. The children Cristian, Chanel and Isabel, who are still too young and certainly not responsible for what happened, are at risk of being struck by the clamor. The parents’ thoughts went to them, who in their respective press releases invited everyone to protect the privacy of the family and especially of the children.

Protecting them was certainly what prompted Ilary to make a rather unexpected decision that she revealed The messenger and which we told you about earlier. The news is now confirmed in the stories published by the presenter on Instagram.

Ilary Blasi, the ‘reaction’ to the clamor about separation: he really did

Among the Ig stories posted by the former Letterina in these hours, photos and videos have appeared that portray her in Africa in the company of his children and his sister Silvia. Indeed, therefore, the conductor of The Island of the Famous he wanted to get away from the storm unleashed following the formalization of the end of the marriage with Totti.

Ilary Blasi separation reaction
The unexpected reaction of Ilary Blasi (Credits: Instagram)

As the images shared by Ilary show, at this moment she and the boys are enjoying days in absolute relaxation in contact with nature, away from the avalanche of gossip and rumors that inevitably overwhelmed them.

Ilary Blasi separation reaction
Ilary Blasi, ‘reaction’ to the media boom (Credits: Instagram)

With them there is also Ilary’s sister, Silvia. Blasi is very attached to her family of origin and she has always had an excellent relationship with her sisters. So who more than her than her sister can help her better manage this certainly not easy moment?

Ilary Blasi separation reaction
Ilary Blasi, it happens after the separation (Credits: Instagram)

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