Ilary Blasi with the jewel bag on top and cargo pants: the sporty chic combination that will captivate you

More and more active on social media, Ilary Blasi shows off her sporty chic look with pantones, short top and jewel handbag: amazing result!

In this period we are inevitably talking about her more than usual because of the unexpected separation by her husband Francesco Totti, but Ilary Blasi has always been and continues to be a style icon regardless of her private life. Her beauty has never needed any introduction since the days she paraded at Miss Italy or when she danced in the studio of Word of mouth in the role of Letterina.

Ilary Blasi shows her handbag (Credits: Instagram)

Especially in this stormy period for her from a personal point of view, the very blonde Roman is trying to keep an attitude as reserved as possible. For example, you have avoided publicly replying to the sensational interview given to Corriere della Sera from the former captain of Roma and continued to appear on social media as if nothing had happened. We recently saw her for example during an evening at the theater, documented by her Instagram stories of hers.

And, just as she did during the long holidays spent outside Italy, Ilary continues to show off look really amazing. In these hours she has shown her new one super glamorous handbag. What was most striking was the combination that the presenter chose: this time, the famous presenter has focused on style sporty chicperfectly mixing comfortable garments with its ‘jewel’ accessory.

Ilary Blasi, her jewel bag does not go unnoticed: what is the brand and how much it costs

Among the many stories recently published on her Instagram profile by the former Mrs. Totti, there have also appeared those showing her new bag My Bag. On the official website of the brand, there are various colors, but Blasi has chosen the gold one. The price is 129 euros. A real ‘gem’ that drove everyone crazy: very elegant but with a very versatile style, it represents the right solution for those who want to add a touch of class even to the simplest looks.

Ilary Blasi jewel handbag
Ilary Blasi outfit accessory (Credits: Instagram)

And this is exactly what Ilary chose to do: in the following Ig story, in fact, we can see her outfit in its entirety that has an imprint sporty chica style that in recent times is also conquering the catwalks of Haute Couture.

Ilary wears a beige top short that leaves the belly uncovered, a pair of mud-colored cargo pants with side pockets and a pair of white sneakers. To this so comfortable and informal outfit, he then added the sparkling handbag, thus offering a really interesting idea on the most fashionable combinations of the moment.

Ilary Blasi jewel handbag
Ilary Blasi fashion handbag look (Credits: Instagram)

You too were speechless for this irresistible novelty shown on the social networks of the beloved presenter? Congratulations to Ilary for the exceptional taste and for the ideas that she invariably suggests!