Ilary Blasi, with whom he was on holiday in the mountains: finally everything is known

Ilary Blasi, with those who were on holiday in the mountains: the presenter showed it to everyone.

We have talked about nothing else for weeks, the separation of Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti is on everyone’s lips. After 17 years together and 3 children, the couple decided to separate. Their love made us dream from the very beginning, they seemed destined to be together but forever is not for everyone.

Ilary Blasi, vacation (credits: instagram)

The presenter of The Island of the Famous first gave the announcement followed immediately after by the words of Totti. She then she flew to Tanzania, away from the gossip and the news that, even today, after weeks, are becoming more and more insistent. The return was marked by a few days spent in Sabaudia and then moved to Cortina. The first images of the former Roma captain instead saw him playing Padel.

And it is precisely there, as told by the weekly Chi, that Totti met the now famous Noemi Bocchi. This would be the reason that would have led to the breakup between the couple, Francesco would have another woman in his life. Several times, the same weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini photographed him with this woman but no confirmation or denial has arrived. Ilary, on the other hand, does not seem to want to return to Rome and is often traveling. In recent days, through his instagram profile, we have seen her in Cortina among the impetuous and beautiful mountains. But who was the host with? It was she who showed it through some social stories.

Ilary Blasi, with those who were on holiday in the mountains: the presenter reveals it to everyone

Ilary Blasi after announcing the separation from Francesco Totti flew to Tanzania. She spent a few days of vacation there, away from the gossip and the many news that have circulated. On her return, she made her base in Sabaudia and then moved again.

In these days a lot of news has come out, in particular on the alleged new relationship of the former Roma captain with Noemi Bocchi. The weekly Chi has revealed burning details on how Ilary would have discovered everything. After some initial doubts, the presenter would have called a private investigator to be sure. Everything would start when at the beginning of 2022 the news of the crisis and the alleged flame of Totti came out, news then denied by the presenter herself. But now it would seem that everything is true, at least from what we can see from the photos reported by Chi. Ilary got married a lot in recent weeks, first in Tanzania then in Sabaudia and in recent days she was in Cortina. Through his instagram stories he showed who he spent his holidays with in the mountains.

Ilary Blasi vacation
Ilary Blasi, vacation (credits: instagram)

She has published a series of igs in which she shows herself alone with a wonderful landscape behind her and there is also a shot in which she is photographed with some friends while she is at a table. Apparently the presenter spent a couple of days in friendship.