“I’ll kill you”, Bianca Berlinguer shock on TV: have you seen what happened?

The presenter Bianca Berlinguer shocks on TV: “I’ll kill you”: in this article we explain what happened in the show

The famous presenter literally lost her temper in the television broadcast. “I’ll kill you”, Berlinguer was really a fury. Did you see what happened? Nobody would have expected it.

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Bianca Berlinguer, shock on TV: this is what happened (Source: Instagram)

Bianca Berlinguer shock on TV: “I’ll kill you”

We all know Bianca Berlinguer as a composed and above all professional conductor. When the children are at stake, however, the presenter proves to lose her mind.

It happened during the television broadcast of Italia 1. Berlinguer literally lost her head and blurted out. “I `ll kill you”he exclaimed. No one had ever seen it this way.

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The Berlinguer unfortunately was the victim of a bad joke, broadcast during the television broadcast. Protagonist, among the various accomplices, also the daughter. The girl had to suffer the anger of her mother, who exclaimed: “I `ll kill you”. However, Berlinguer did not know she was being picked up.

The television program de Hyenas. The joke was aired in the episode of Friday 12 November. The accomplices of Le Iene have misled the presenter of “White paper“Making her believe that her daughter, Giulia Berlinguer, had bought for three thousand euros a false license from the influencer Damiano Coccia, known as “Er Faina”.

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When he found out, the Berlinguer exploded. The Rai3 journalist went into a rage: “A cog *** daughter”, he exclaimed, starting to rant against his daughter Giulia. “Now I’ll kill him when he gets home, take away that driver’s license that didn’t take the exam “ – he exclaimed – “This idiot gave money for a false license, now she’s in trouble up to her neck, we’re crazy, it’s crazy”.

When Giulia returned home, Berlinguer vented against her: “You did something illegal, you are punishable by law. Stupid, idiot who is nothing else “. It’s still: “Cretina, imbecile that you are nothing else”. The reporter’s outburst continued incessantly, until – just before she reported her daughter to the police – the envoy of Le Iene, Sebastian Gazzarrini, broke in and stopped her.